Resort Reporter Port Douglas#11 – Fiji Dreaming

Well the choices are many far and wide, but the most important factor is to get started.
Upon planning our first away trip, that is a big one over seas, we took a trip back in time, to our last family holiday, 2005, from New Zealand to Sydney to visit family.
That was a fun time, and before that 1997, our honeymoon, you see in our whole married life we have only taken two trips away…. How sad is that?
It is now 2013, you do the maths, yep Fiji is calling…..crystal clear waters, wonderful weather, beautiful cultural experience to be had all round, shopping of course
And time to relax..and do nothing…… Huhhhhhhhh. Dreams are free…. but now with our Wyndham ownership it is going to be a reality!
How exciting for our five kids and how exciting for us as a family!!!
It is the simple things in life that matter, and the important things ie family, that really are a no brainer and….. well, simple.
I detected an air of anticipation and expectation with our children as we talked about our first trip.
However there was also doubt and disbelief as well, due to the fact that we had talked many many times and nothing materialised, this time we ate determined to make it happen!!!


Words by Dave & Rania – Photos WorldMarkSP

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