Resort Reporter Port Douglas #29 – Gold Coast

One of my most dearest memories was when my sister(also a owner through me) and her family of 7 came from NZ, and 2 other families who stayed on the GC as well as my family booked out 4 apartments for a 3 night stay!!..(i love the fact that even though i am on the GC i can go to Kirra and feel like i am a long way from home!!) We had the best time together, the kids would swim all day and night which would leave us adults to just catch up and boy we sure did, which meant late nights at some ones apartment, but the best thing about it was that we were so close that we could just walk next door to our own apartments and sleep and then go again the next day.  We had a beautiful photo taken of us all together at the front and i continuously look at that pic and have actually been asked of lately “what are our chances of doing this again” answer to that is “with Worldmark any thing in possible”…am currently in the process of organizing it again!!

Oh our holiday was taken when it was under Trend West!!

Kirra, Gold CoastWords by Ruita – Photo WorldMarkSP.


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