Resort Reporter Port Douglas #24 – Perpetual Holidaying

We’ve all been there. All those exciting months of planning and booking, the packing and anticipation of things to come. Then the big day arrives. All the last minute hustle and bustle before you jump in the car and start the infamous road trip arguments. How long till we’re there? I’m hungry. My Nintendo has gone flat. But then you see it. The first road sign that indicates you are on the final path to your much awaited destination.

Now the feeling of elation. De-stressing is so easy when you take the simplistic style and spaciousness of your WorldMark apartment with you on every holiday. The kids slip very swiftly into their traditional swim in the pool – 5 seconds after the car is unpacked – whilst the parents set things up for that home away from home feel. Wine and beer unpacked into the fridge, kids bags shoved into their rooms – then it’s their turn to head to the pool for a few hours.

This goes on for days. It’s the same every holiday except for one thing – the location changes. The peace of mind of consistent service and quality no matter where you go and yet every holiday is different. Different views. Different restaurants to visit. Different people to meet. New friends to be made and old friends found again……………….

But as the well worn expression predicts. All good things must come to and end. The long awaited holiday has now started nearing the end. Mum and dad are starting to think about what awaits them at work and the kids are starting to revert back to their former abrasive ways as they too realise the holiday is almost over.

Our family has been here before. But never again. We decided there are two ways to ensure we don’t suffer from post holiday depression ever again.

A – Never take holidays again or;

B – Perpetual Holidaying

“What?” I hear you say. Perpetual Holidaying? You’re just making that up. – Correct. I did. And it’s the best thing we ever did. It’s simple (Well it is if you’re a WorldMark owner). All you have to do is ensure you have your next holiday booked before your current one is over. So now whenever you near the end of your holiday – you start looking forward to your next one.

Of course we’ve taken it to the extreme. Hunter Valley this weekend with the wife. Two weeks in Port Douglas and Cairns in Sept/Oct already booked followed by a week in Fiji in November – with a family we met when we were there three years ago. And to top it off we’ve taken advantage of borrowing next years points – to book next years holiday – 8 nights in the beautiful Coffs Harbour TreeTops resort – with some other friends coming along as well.

“Perpetual Holidaying – get into it”.

Kids on Holiday 840 560Words by Neale – Photo WorldMarkSP

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