Resort Reporter Port Douglas #20 – More time for Holidays

We have retired my husband and I due to ill health – I had a brain tumour and he had open heart surgery in 2012. In our fifties it was the last thing we both expected.

I was a writer during my career, and he has taken up photography as a hobby, we will now have more time to go on holidays with our friends, children and grandchildren. What a gift.

I have been a member of Worldmark for over ten years and have always used my points here and overseas. Recently I asked friends to come from the USA and travel around Australia using our Worldmark points.  Here are just a few of our experiences that really made the holiday so special. We stayed at Phillip Island, Ballarat and then onto Sydney and the Hunter Valley really topped off the Holiday.

Worldmark is always located in the best places and the quality and experience is top notch…it was a pleasure to show our friends Australia knowing when we went “home” to Worldmark we had the best.

The next trip is always just around the corner, it’s so nice to plan for travel and know you are staying with “friends.”

anne pavey


Words and Photos by Anne.

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