Resort Reporter Port Douglas #19 – Holidays with Grandchildren

My next Australian dream holiday would be wonderful if we could take away to have our grandchildren to a place that is lots of fun activities a great pool with a family friendly environment. It would be a holiday where lots of laughs and photographs would be had and taken that would contribute to building lasting memories. These memories were not only do for us as grandparents are lost on the memories for our grandchildren. I remember many years ago when my grandparents flew me down to Sydney and I stayed with them for a week, as a young boy this experience has etched rate memorable moments of my family in my mind and I have every intention of replicating those memorable relationships as a grandchild that I had with my grandparents to our grandchildren. The other exciting part about being a Wyndham owner is that we can continue to repeat the building of those memories in our grandchildren’s lives or many years to come. We are now and also in the future looking forward to create memorable moments for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. The creation of these memorable moments are aided and assisted by our ownership. Thank you to the Wyndham business.

grandkidsWords by Paul – Photo WorldMarkSP


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