Resort Reporter Port Douglas #15 – Fiji Family

 Mum, Dad, kids, worklife stress, new school anxiety and 4 hours in a plane to leave normal life behind and unwind.

Landed, ushered through customs, big smiles waiting and stamping passports.

Transfer to Denaru Island, are we still on Earth, certainly isn’t Brisbane anymore.

In the hotel room, did we actually check in, my memory says yes, but it was so fast and friendly, I ask my wife if we did…just to make sure.

Dinner at the resort restaurant. Nearby, highly recommended and 2 tired kids. Definitely!!

Order dinner and drinks, 2 friendly waitresses ask to entertain our children, really, did they just say that? Enjoyable dinner.

7 days of bliss…cocktails (and frog racing) by the pool, swim up bar, waves and hellos to the kids (by name) from all resort employees. Didn’t we just get here?

Mountain village visit, island cruising and underwater tours…still haven’t found Nemo.

Pizza and local food at the marina, pitying cruiseliner passengers with only 4 hours to spare. Back on the Bulla bus to comfy beds and tomorrow’s plans.

Back on the plane. Mum, Dad, kids, tanned, a few kilos heavier, relaxed, and trying to work out when we can come back..…next year!!

Words and Photos by David.

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