Resort Reporter Port Douglas #13 – Worldmark Resorts Here We Come

Having swapped my entitlements for RCI weeks in the past, and exchanging into far flung places worldwide (such as in Africa last year and Australia the year before) at long last I’m actually about to use , for the first time, a whole week in a Worldmark resort in September.  Previous experiences have merely been for a few days, which is, however, one of the reasons I bought into Worldmark, because sometimes you just don’t want to spend a whole week anywhere.

My week in September is nearby to a place close to my heart and which I have visited many times before.  My roots are steeped in Tasmanian history, and although I’ve been some six times to Hobart before, I generally stay with members of my extended family, so having a resort to myself is going to be quite different.  I am, of course, planning on taking friends and family, but so far I’m just going to talk of my own personal expectations.

I hope the resort itself is laid out in beautiful grounds and with extensive views of the terrain.  I hope there will be activities and excursions that appeal to the reasons I like to travel, and that my friends will also find pleasure in exploring the immediate environs of the resort itself.

As for the apartment…to be worthy it will be spacious very comfortable with sufficient essential items to make it a home away from home without the clutter of home.  Excepting of course… I do like a well~equipped kitchen as when I have that I’ll always be tempted to cook for all and sundry, and there’s nothing more frustrating than scratching around looking for a half decent bowl to make a salad look appealing.  Other things important in resorts are warm blankets, and sensible heating and cooling options, along with large fluffy towels, and crisp linen sheets.

It goes without saying that one expects a Worldmark Resort to be immaculately presented as far as cleanliness is concerned, and that there are no minor irritants of lights that don’t switch on, or buzzing noises that won’t switch off.  Oh, and heaven forbid there are careless parents with unattended shrieking children being allowed to run rampart and disturb everyone else’s peace and tranquility. (I’m in that lucky space of having no such encumbrances, although, no doubt, in past years, my children were not so well behaved as to not annoy their neighbours in resorts!)

Of course, after I’ve been to Seven Mile Beach I’ll be able to write reports on it, as I have a habit of doing, for fellow travellers, both on Trip Advisor and for feedback to management.  I’m a Senior Contributor with Trip Advisor, as I travel so extensively, and I know the things that travellers like to look for, and how best an hotel or accommodation agency fulfils those needs.

Presidential Seven Mile BeachWords by Julie – Photo WorldMarkSP

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