A surfer’s place of meditation- Discover Australia’s wild coastline

Many moons ago before a lower back injury and subsequent spinal surgery I was an… enthusiastic surfer. I pause before describing my surfing style as, granted, I was not about to challenge Layne Beachley for any world title, but I loved being out in the water. I’ve heard people describe the feeling of sitting on a board out in the ocean as nothing less than meditation – and I have to agree. There’s something about water that helps cut through the ‘brain clutter’ we build up over days and weeks working, parenting, doing relationships and simply living.

And whilst I am a more hesitant surfer now  (you won’t find me fighting for waves at Snapper or D-Bar!) I still love to take time to sit on a headland, beach or river bank somewhere and look out over the water – and occasionally, if waves are small to middling I might dust of the long board and don a wet suit and simply paddle and sit.

If you’re a surfer or not, it seems most of us humans have a love affair with the ocean – in all it’s untamed glory it’s a muse for many, a soul cleanser for others and a playground to all!

We’ve got world class beaches and beach breaks literally ‘in the back yards’ of  our WorldMark resorts – whether its a day trip to the break and back (because sometimes its worth the drive to find ‘the spot’) or a hop-skip and a jump to find yourself on the beach – there really are some fantastic beaches to discover around your WorldMark destinations.


The Sunshine Coast is blessed with beautiful, uncrowded beaches. Whilst the Point Break at Noosa is a long boarding favourite – there really is a wealth of coast line to explore. Walk across the road for your moment of coastal serenity  if staying at Ramada Marcoola Beach or enjoy the glassy waters of the Pumicestone Passage at WorldMark Resort Golden Beach.

Ramada Marcoola Beach


Surfers Paradise is, funnily enough, so named because it really is a ‘surfers paradise‘. With a stretch of beach that is seemingly endless – morning, noon and dusk will see people out enjoying all that the ocean offers. Take a walk along the boardwalks or paddle out from the beach – based at Wyndham Surfers Paradise you can’t go far wrong.

If the business of Surfers isn’t your thing, or if the larger breaks are most up your alley – Wyndham Kirra Beach is a short drive away from the famous Snapper Rocks and a walk across the road to Kirra Beach… nuff said.


I’m biased here, but I think the northern NSW coastline is the most beautiful  most serine, most inspiring place on earth. Base yourself in Coffs Harbour and day trip to Nambucca Heads or South West Rocks – or simply take the few minutes walk down to Charlesworth Bay Beach – sit up on a rock, look out at the ocean and breath deep.

If staying at Port Macquarie – take a trip to Crescent Head, Hat Heat or Point Plomer – you won’t be disappointed.

Coffs Harbour


Torquay – Bells Beach. A surfer’s dream break, but not for the feint hearted! With treacherous rips, steep cliffs and water straight in from the south pole – this break is one to be admired from afar by yours truly! Bells Beach is really the start of what is Victoria’s amazing Great Ocean Road – and having stayed at Wyndham Torquay myself (check out my road trip photos!), I can attest to Torquay as being the best ‘launch point’ for this spectacular drive.

Cape Woolamai in Phillip Island is part of Victoria’s first National Surfing Reserve. To quote Layne “Phillip Island has always been one of my favourite surfing destinations with its four excellent breaks; Woolamai the hero, Smiths Beach and Express Point, Summerland and Cat Bay“.

So if you love the sound of crashing waves, the cry of seagulls, the tang of salt air and the energy and inspiration our wild Australian coast line brings – explore! With WorldMark resorts dotted near so many stunning beaches – you can have the ultimate surf safari, it’s all at your finger tips……

ErinErin shares her perspective via the My Club blog on creating (and trying to maintain) balance in everyday life, how taking time off to rekindle relationships, renew friendships and explore the previously unknown brings vibrancy, creativity and a lightness to life.  Connect to Erin, and any of the WorldMark team via facebook.

“Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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