Resort Reporter Port Douglas #7 – WorldMark Lovebirds

Firstly I feel it only fair that I set the scenario for the holiday and then I will provide some fundamental positives to what made this holiday such a success.

After a short dating period of three years to my now current wife Narelle, I finally decided to ask her to marry me! Well as she is such a special person I decided to do it in Thailand with all sorts of wonderful things planned. These consisted of diving for a shell with the engagement ring disguised inside it, followed by dinner on the beach in a marquee, and fire works over the water. Obviously I decided to use my shares for the first time over sea’s and after some really helpful guidance from the friendly staff at World Mark I decided to stay at the Marriot Phuket. I had had the opportunity as a 15 year old to spend some time in Thailand so I was ready for what to expect of the Country, but my darling Narelle was nervous as she had never been out of Australia. The booking and confirmation was the easiest I had done for any form of travel and I was supported by staff of World Mark throughout.

When we first arrived in Phuket we were gracefully greeted by the coach driver announcing he would transport us to the Marriot. As we embarked up the Marriot’s enduring driveway, glowing with burning candle poles, making the tropical greenery dance in the shadows Narelle nudged me and exclaimed we were obviously at the wrong Marriot as this looked well out of what we would normally budget for.

I persisted and presented at the front counter to book in, to be politely told there was no booking under that name. This prompted Narelle to give me a sharp jab in the ribs and taunt me with I told you so. Mmm. well I then gave the spelling of Michell with a (t), (Mitchell), which resolved the issue and had Narelle kiss my cheek and state the entry was grand and beautiful.

We were guided to our accommodation where we both gasped as the interior was decedent, with fresh flowers and amazing calving that quickly placed us in the holiday pacific mood. After investigating further we realised that we had asked for two rooms as we were hesitant to how big the apartment would be if it was to be a single room. I can tell you I still kick myself for doing that as the accommodation was large and roomy, with a spa tub in each rooms en -suite.

Narelle was over the moon and claimed there and then, that Time Shares was the best thing we had purchased. Without boring you too mush on how good the water in the multitude of incredible pool’s was, and how the staff treated you like royalty at all times and the $13. massages on the front beach each morning, wasn’t even the highlight to all the activities and relaxing we done over the week. But I will let you know how my proposal went.

Firstly I had tried to make all the plans for the night of my proposal to Narelle by E.Mail and phone calls from Australia prior to dismemberment. This seemed all good with positive commitments being provided from vessel owners, caterers, and fire work technicians. As I quickly found out if something goes wrong they will not inform you of the changes, for example, there was a complete fire banns on so the fireworks could not proceed. The caterers then explained they didn’t have a marquee for the lobster dinner on the beach etc. and Narelle just would not have anything to do with diving or snorkeling, so all plans were off and I was left holding the ring of surprise with no plans of a romantic proposal left.

Returning to the Marriot I discussed my dilemma, / predicament with the ladies at the front desk, (in confidence obviously). They stated they could only give advice on what their brochures at the counter provided, but then proceeded to state as I was a valued World Mark member they would look into it.

Feeling a little stressed and bewildered I joined Narelle at the 1700 h happy hour at the pool side bar. The cocktails did cheer me up but not as much when one of the staff approached me and asked if I had a minute to speak with the manager. Slightly blushed in front of Narelle I quickly explained to her this was for the elephant tracking tour forecasted on Friday, as he was providing me with advice on the best way to get there.

When I joined the manager with his two office girls there with great big grins, he explained he had been informed of my dilemma and proceeded to provide alternate suggestions. The suggestion I took was to be chauffer driven to the cliffs of Phuket that overlook Phuket and the ocean. The 5 star restaurant was commonly visited my dignitaries from all around Europe and the United States. The pianist had recently played for the Queen and the restaurant was prepared to do several vegetable/fruit calving for me and they also had Chilli Lobster on the menu, (Narelle’s favourite).

I promptly agreed and the manager invited I take his car the next morning to do a reconnaissance, so I took his offer and made some great arrangements with the restaurant.

After arrival we were seated on a terrace outstretched over the cliff, with a full panoramic view. I had provided the staff with a large amount of glow sticks in assorted colours, which they emptied a quantity down the cliff face and the remainder in the rock pools 150 meters below. The flower arrangements were gorgeous.

The pianist went from pretty me dollies to here comes the bride as 4 Thai Dressed ladies walked in progression towards our area, baring splendid carving. Narelle sneered and asked when the poor woman was, to which I replied you, as the ladies rounded our table. The carving were joined by ribbons from love bird to love bird, dawning the engagement ring I had for Narelle. I scooped the ring up and went on one knee to propose but the words wouldn’t come out very loud. Narelle prompted me and in a clear voice so as the whole restaurant could hear I Disclosed my love for her and asked her if she would do me the honour of marrying me.

Well lets just say we have had several other World Mark trips since then and all have been filled with surprise and adventure. We are just about to embark on a 5 week holiday in the States for Narelle’s 50th, and obviously Time Shares have played a big part of this trip.

A tip for Time Share travellers! I always take some mini koala bears and Aussie memorabilia, as this goes a long way as gifts, especially in the asian regions. 3 little koala’s once saw me on the neck of an elephant apposed to the seat tray on its back as the handler sat back with Narelle. My room was filled with fresh flowers after I once left 5 koalas for the cleaning ladies children, but not only that the look on foreign children’s faces when given a little Aussie gift is priceless.

P.S Narelle Said yes!



Words by Shane – Photo WorldMarkSP

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