Do You Deserve a Break?

What kind of ‘holidayer’ are you?

The Pooped Out Parent? The Perfect Stranger? The Opportunist?

Last week, we launched the ‘Do You Deserve a Break?’ promotion – offering up to 3,000* Credits off your next holiday, plus the chance to win^ $1,000 off your levies!

Do you deserve a break? WorldMark South Pacific Club by WyndhamHow do you get up to 3,000* Credits off your next holiday? Decide what type of ‘holidayer’ you are, receive your promo code, then book an eligible stay. Fairly straightforward.

Drum roll please. Your ‘holidayer’ options are:

The Pooped-Out Parent. The Nostalgic Ned. The Perfect Stranger. The High Achiever. The Opportunist.

What kind of ‘holidayer’ are you?

Not quite sure what type of ‘holidayer’ you are?

We’ve provided a handy quiz that should help narrow down the options for you (and add a bit of Friday fun!).

Confession: I got mostly b’s, which means that I discovered I am ‘The Nostalgic Ned’.

If you answered mostly a's, you are: The Pooped-Out Parent. If you answered mostly b's, you are: The Nostalgic Ned. If you answered mostly c's, you are: The Perfect Stranger. If you answered mostly d's, you are: The High Achiever. If you answered mostly e's, you are: The Opportunist.

As The Nostalgic Ned:

“It’s been months, or even years, since your last family reunion, where Uncle Bob was belting out some golden oldies and Aunty Patsy was dancing on the table. You’ve been yearning for another good old knees-up and there’s no time like the present. Get the gang together and make some more memories for the family album”.

I initially thought that I must have completed the quiz wrong. Of course I’m close to my family! I live with them, and some of the extended family is only a 1 hour plane ride way.

As someone who considers holidays to be ‘me-time’ (long breaks overseas, shorter weekend breaks with friends), it was strange to think of a family-reunion style holiday, rather than the usual weekend hangouts and dinners – until I had a good ponder about it.

The quiz was right. It had been ages since the close family and I had simply relaxed together, without the intrusion of everyday stress. As for the extended clan, websites and apps like Facebook are growing in popularity as a way to keep updated with family (both near and far), but they certainly cannot replace those special connections only gained from spending time together. Sure you know that your niece just won the long-jump championships, but when was the last time you just had a good giggle together?

So it looks like I’m due for a holiday with all the family (and I couldn’t be happier about it!).

Back to you. Curious to discover what sort of ‘holidayer’ you are? Why you deserve a break? Complete the quiz & find out!

(Then book yourself that break using your promo code :)).



*Please remember to read the terms and conditions before using the promo code. ^You can also find Details of Participation for the competition on our website. Happy holidaying!


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