Has the ‘Aussie dollar’ affected how you balance life?

I am definitely not an economist but I, like many people, I have watched with interest the affects the strong Australian dollar has had on local businesses, our farmers and our travel habits recently.

This week, as the dollar has settled down at about 0.97 US dollars it’s given me pause to think about what this means…

The stronger Australian dollar has definitely affected our travel patterns recently – a trip to the US of A has left more money in the pocket then a few years ago and many Aussie’s have taken the opportunity to see the sights, and make their dollar stretch further.

Whilst great for overseas travellers, the high Aussie dollar has left many local businesses high and dry. I have seen the heartbreaking reality of this myself – witnessing rows and rows of established orange trees; whole orchards; bulldozed into the ground – because local farmers just can’t compete with cheaper imports, and selling their land for housing is one of their last options.

Of course, as a employee within the bounds of the tourism industry, I’ve watched with interest (and seen myself make the same decisions!) as Australians increase our ‘driving holidays’, our short breaks and getaways – having 5 or 6 3 days escapes a year, with the major ‘3-4 week’ break happening every second or third year.

Self Reflection

It’s given me pause for thought – how do things like the ‘comparative value’ of the Australian dollar affect the way you do life?

Have you had an overseas holiday in the last few years, taken the opportunity to experience the exotic whilst our dollar has been so strong?

Have you felt the personal heartache of a business struggling to compete? Has watching your dollars left you feeling like there is little time for holidays, as you’ve had to proportionally increase your workload as the dollar has lifted?

How have you kept balance in your life, ensuring family time and time away from work is still maintained, in this topsy turvey world?


ErinErin shares her perspective via the My Club blog on creating (and trying to maintain) balance in everyday life, how taking time off to rekindle relationships, renew friendships and explore the previously unknown brings vibrancy, creativity and a lightness to life.  Connect to Erin, and any of the WorldMark team via facebook.

“Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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