Holiday Road Trip Songs

I love a Road Trip!  That feeling of ‘freedom’ when you’re all packed, on the road and heading to your holiday destination.  You’ve got nothing to do but hang out with your loved ones.  It’s a great time to talk and inspire.  Listening to your favourite songs is a part of that – these songs can set the tone of your holiday.  Here’s a quick round up of some of the favourites our team have.

Wipeout, The Beach Boys.  Lorna’s dad would play this in the car when she was a kid.  I can imagine driving to Kirra Beach on a lovely sunny day listening to this!

Holiday Road Trip Songs

Land Down Under, Men at Work.  Kaylene plays this song on her road trips as it transports her back to her travels in the UK & Ireland.  Her playlist is full of Aussie 80’s Rock – which lends itself perfectly to road trips!

Speaking of Aussie music – Erin’s pick is ‘I head a little further north each year’ by Graeme Connors.  She would sing this with her family as they drove North to visit her grandparents.

Now for mine.  The list could go on forever – however I’ve been strong and kept it to two.

Sailing by Christopher Cross.  This song is synonymous with childhood holidays for me – literally sailing around the beautiful coastline of Northern New Zealand with my grandparents.

Bay of Islands, NZ

Las Vegas Hilton by Little River Band.  The lyrics of this song are actually a little melancholy, but for me the song just says summer, swimming and happy, relaxed parents.

It’s interesting to see that we all seem to love those songs that remind us of previous holidays, and particularly those holidays we shared with our families.  Is this the same for you?  What are your favourite Road Trip songs?  Please share a link or comment below – tell us why the song says ‘holiday’ to you.

Happy Travels!

Jacqi has become part of the furniture at WorldMark South Pacific Club over the last nearly 10 years.  She has worked in various teams, including Customer Service, Systems and Owner Marketing & Solutions.  “Being involved with WorldMark has inspired me to take regular family holidays, and I look forward to sharing these experiences with you, including some of the tips I’ve learned along the way”


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