3 ways to stay in touch with your WorldMark South Pacific Club!

There are many resources available to WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners that are designed to assist, explain and simplify The Ownership. These resources can provide an inspirational platform for planning, building, holiday itineraries plus offer helpful tips and suggestions that encourage Owner families to holiday more regularly! Here are 3 top educational suggestions to get you on your way:

Owner Education Session 14052013

No.1 – Education Sessions:

Among the preferred Educational Resources are The Owner Education Sessions. These are conducted by a Worldmark Education expert either face-to-face or via online conference calls.

“It was not until I went to the first workshop that the ears heard and eyes opened to how better to use the tools we have. It is like trying to drive a vehicle for the first time. If someone shows you the basics first, it becomes so much easier to develop skills and understanding as opposed to just crashing then blaming the vehicle. Yep. I crashed in those early years.
If you haven’t been to a workshop that would be the first step. In that room will be owners who have not only been in your position but persevered between them and know all the tricks to maximise value from their Ownership”. Allan Marriott WorldMark South Pacific Club Owner

My assistant 14052013

No. 2 – My Assistant:

The My Assistant online resource is everything you need for your holidays that can be found in one place!

Step 1 – Plan your Holiday by using these online tools, getawaysp.com, play & stay, WorldMark South Pacific Club App these will help assist you in planning and building your itinerary.

Step 2 – Use Your Ownership by engaging in online discussions through the Owner Forum, My Club Blog, and grabit promotions to learn how to get the most out of your Ownership!

Step 3 – Share your experiences and inspire other Owners with your holiday stories and photos on My Story, Facebook Fan Page,  Pinterest.

email 14052013

No.3 – Email newsletters:

Emails are an easy and instant way to regularly stay in touch with your Club! Be sure to keep your eyes open for the monthly email newsletters containing Club announcements, latest updates and promotions!

Jacqueline Krall

Connect with Jackie on Google+

Jackie: My role as a Project Coordinator is to support the WorldMark Owner Education team. I also help to create and design educational material that assist Owners in understanding their Ownership better. I will be focusing on explaining how to use your Ownership, how to get away holidaying more regularly and to clarify any of those tricky questions.

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