Where the whales frolick

I clearly remember the first time I saw a pod of whales. It was one of those ‘magical’ experiences that has stuck with me my whole life. I was six and there, standing on the headland at South West Rocks, in Northern NSW, I saw a pod of whales surface, lazily wave their fins in the air and breach – showing off their great white bellies. They were so close to shore that my mum took both my little brother and I and told us to stick our heads under the water to see if we could hear the whale song…

To me the majesty of whales, of seeing them in the wild, is something that can leave me speechless and inspired. These huge gentle giants, who make such long journeys to ensure their calves are born in a safe and warm environment, and then travel all the way back south, caring for their calves so tenderly, are a reminder of all that is good and pure in this world.

Whale in the distance

Whale watching season is just around the corner now, stretching from June through to November, and the coastal areas of Australia have some of the best vantage points to share in this experience. Lucky us, that your Club resorts are situated in some of the perfect possies!

Perhaps stand on the Duranbah headland down at Kirra, on the Gold Coast and watch the slow migration under the shade of the pines…

Or maybe you’d prefer to stand on one of Port Stephens, NSW, many golden sandy beaches, where you can not only admire the frolicking display of humpback whales, but also experience all the energy and just plain fun of the bay’s bottlenose dolphins…

If a ‘close encounter’ is something you’ve been dreaming of, or want your children to experience, Port Macquarie, NSW, offers ‘up close and personal’ tours through a number of local businesses.

Dunsborough and the Margaret River Region, WA, boast some of the most pristine locations where you can catch a glimpse of these gentle giants. From September to December you can watch whales just off the coast of Dunsborough in the sheltered Geographe Bay. If you’re lucky enough you may even spot an endangered Blue Whale.

Whale jumping

Seeing a whale, whether from up close on a whale watching tour, or in the distance as they jump, breech, roll, play and swim, is one of those memories that will stick with you for life. I couldn’t recommend it more, whether its for the perspective it gives you on the circle of life, or the peace of mind just to relax and enjoy a treasure of nature, or simply a chance to share the ‘first time I saw a whale’ moment with someone else…

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