Denarau Island Fiji – ‘works in progress’

For those within the WorldMark family Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Denarau Island is a well known and well loved resort, and when the announcement was made that Wyndham were expanding the resort to include more rooms, refurbishing the magnificent pool area, creating a separate ‘adults only’ pool and opening a new restaurant it was received with much excitement!

With anticipation growing (the new room’s ‘official launch’ will be before the end of 2013!), we thought we’d take a wander through the ‘works in progress’!

JUNE 2012

We started seeing real progress in June 2012 – with concrete being poured and pylons being laid… Plus the ever popular swim up bar received a face-lift!


In September the frames of the new Presidential Suites started to go up – it became easier to see just how luxurious these new accommodation facilities would be…

MARCH 2013
– Mamacita’s Restaurant Opening

In March Mamacita’s Mexican Restaurant opened, with a relaxed contemporary feel – the restaurant provides another dining choice for guests on Denarau Island and has been well received by Owners already!

APRIL 2013 

These latest photo’s show the exciting progress being made on the new  pool facilities. Whilst this pool will temporarily be used by all guests, during the refurbishment of the existing pool, this will soon become an ‘adults only’ pool.

Wyndham Vacation Resort Asia Pacific Denarau Island is already a favourite of many of our Owner families, and with the phase 3 expansion coming soon, we hope that many more will get to experience the beauty that is Fiji and the relaxation that is ‘Fiji time’!

If you’d like to read more on Wyndham Denarau Island – read through some personal accounts from Owners who have holidayed there.


  1. Nicole

    We returned home yesterday from this wonderful resort. The construction does not affect your stay at all, and the new rooms look very nice. I cannot wait to go back. The swim up bar is very inviting, and the restaurant is good. Even though the beach was closed, it did not hinder our view. The new reception area is gorgeous.

  2. Alexandra ridden

    Is there any news on refurbishing/rejuvenating the existing rooms. We were extremely disappointed in their condition in June last year. Very rundown and in need of TLC

    • Hi Alexandra,
      The team are currently working on a plan for the refurbishment of our existing apartments. Whilst the plan is in the process of being confirmed, and all the details fixed, we expect refurbishment will be complete by the end of the year – ready for any 2014 ‘Fijian escapes’ and holidays!
      Thanks, Erin

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  4. Dawn Cowan

    Very disappointed in Alexandra’s comments regarding condition of rooms, we have gifted our daughter, son-in-law and grand daughter 4 days at the resort in August, will not be happy if the resort is below par!

    • Hi Dawn, thank you for your comment. We trust that you are aware that our priority, both now and in the future, is to ensure that you and your guests have an enjoyable holiday experience. We’ll be doing everything we can to ensure that your family’s stay in August is an enjoyable one!
      Thank you, Ilona

  5. Wick Nixon

    Hi there, can you please tell us the status of the pool situation? We are due to arrive on the 29th June, in 2 weeks and will be very disappointed if the main pool is not going to be finished. Please can you reassure us!

    • Hi Wick – the main pool is finished & open now!
      We are very much looking forward to welcoming you at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island shortly. Enjoy your stay!
      Thank you, Ilona.

  6. Hi there, this is our first time to Fiji and we look forward to staying at the Resort and exploring the area, we arrive on 2nd July although we have booked in from the 1st as the flights arrive around 5am and with small children thought it would be good to be able to go stright into our room. We are also travel agents and look forward to promoting the area from a hands-on family experience.

  7. Melanie Austria

    My husband and I have given a honeymoon stay at the Wyndham Resort Denaru Islandto our son and his future bride, they will be there in early September. Will most of the construction be done by then? If not, what can they expect?


  8. Gina Hills

    My husband and I along with our 2 friends arrive on 5th October for 12 nights for some much needed R & R after a dreadful year of illness.
    I have recovered from Cancer and now a major back operation hence the request for a special needs unit on the ground floor.
    Are there ground floor units in the new part of the resort?
    I am hoping to get a unit that doesn’t require walking long distances to facilities etc. but is reasonably quiet but don’t know how to request that.
    We are so exicted we just can’t wait for our first trip to Wyndham Resort Denaru Island.
    I appreciate any assistance you can give me to organise the above.
    See you in October. 🙂

    • Erin

      Hi Gina,

      It sounds like some time in Fiji around the pool, with a good book and a hat to shade the sun and catch 40-winks behind, is exactly what you need!

      I have passed on your enquiry through to our Member Services team who will give you a call, if that’s okay, to help organise the things you need to make your holiday a little more enjoyable!

      I trust you’ll enjoy!


      • Gina

        2 weeks and we will be there. OMG I am so excited. Celebrating our wedding anniversary and my beautiful husband’s birthday. See you in 13 sleeps.

  9. Pam McRae

    Hi We are bringing friends in November and so looking forward to our 4th trip to the resort, excited to see the changes and relax beside the new pool, at least we know it will be warmer than what we are experiencing in Sydney at the moment!!!
    Bring it on. Pam

    • Erin

      Hi Charles,

      Both pools are open now. The renovation of the original, big pool was completed about a month ago… we’ve had some photo’s come in from lucky Owners already enjoying (check them out on Facebook here: 🙂

      The Mamacita Mexican Restaurant has been open for awhile now, and the swim up bar is ready to welcome you!

      There’s still a bit of work occurring on the beach front – there was a bit of damage done during the recent cyclone – but things are looking a lot better now!

      If you have any specific questions, please feel free to send through and we’ll look them up and get back to you!

      Have an amazing time in Fiji!


    • Erin

      Hi Charles – we’ve just been advised that the small adults pool is currently not open, whilst construction is occurring around the area. The original, main pool is finished and open though! And by all reports is still as beautiful as ever! Thanks, Erin

    • Erin

      Hi Richard! The newly constructed sections of Wyndham Resort Denarau Island has yet to come online for Owners to book – we’re not sure exactly when these rooms will be available – but as soon as we know we will be updating all Owners via email, facebook the forum and online – so keep your eyes peeled!
      Thanks, Erin

  10. George Buckler

    Hi – we will be staying at the Wyndham Denarau Island Resort, arriving on 28th August 2013. Will all the construction be complete by then, if not, what work will still be going on?

    • Erin

      Hi George! We understand that there is still some construction around some area’s of the resort at the moment. The great news is most of the ‘big ticket’ items are now complete! Both pools are up and ready for visitors, the swim up pool bar is opened and Mamacita Mexican restaurant is open!

      As we get closer to October we should start to see some of the finishing touches being made around the resort – planting and landscaping, furnishing the new apartments, finishing off the outside of the new rooms, so there is a chance that a few tradesmen & scaffolding will still be around. We will update you if anything changes!

      Thanks George,

    • Erin

      Hi George – we’ve just been advised that the small adults pool is currently not open, whilst construction is occurring around the area. The original, main pool is finished and open though! And by all reports is still as beautiful as ever! Thanks, Erin

  11. Swaran

    This is my first trip to Worldmark Denarau Island. I am arriving there in the early morning of August 12th. I have booked a 3 bedroom unit for my stay. Since I am arriving early morning, any chance of getting into the unit sooner than check-in time???
    Or any chance of front desk holding our luggage if the unit is not available?????

  12. shalone snee

    I stayed at the resort in 2012 and although there was alot of construction going on, including right outside my room, we had the most amazing time and have just booked for 2014. I hold nothing but high regards for the resort and all that they do in order to make the stay comfortable and welcoming. No request is too small and they are so good with the children. I cannot wait to return next year to see the finished work they have worked sooo hard to achieve.
    see you next year.
    shalone snee

    • Erin

      So nice to hear Shalone! Fiji is definitely a favourite of many of our Owners 🙂

      Enjoy your island holiday in 2014!


        • Erin

          Hi Leonie – if you’re talking about the existing apartments – once an apartment is placed in the Club, the total annual credit value cannot change.

          If you are meaning the new apartments – we don’t know the credit charts for the new apartments yet, but we will update you, and all Owners, when these are finalised! The new apartments will cater to those Owners who might want to pay a little more for a different style of apartment, however we know there are lots of Owners who love Fiji as it is, and that’s not going to change (although the refurbishments to the existing part of the Resort should make it even better!).

          Thanks, Erin

  13. Sue Beasley

    Sue Beasley

    Hi,this would be my first trip to Denarau Island, the whole family will be coming including my grandson who will be 2 at the time, have booked a 3 room apartment at the end of November for 8 nights, was wondering if there is anything I need to book or if we need to hire a car or is there a way to get around, how do we get from the airport to the resort? Could you please let me know what i need to do.

    Cheers, Sue

    • Hi Sue,
      November’s coming up fast – you & your family must be very excited!
      To get from the airport to the resort, you can catch a local taxi or arrange an airport transfer via Rosie’s Holidays. Owner Services can help arrange Rosie’s Holidays transfers for you – just email
      In case you’re interested, a great source of information is the Owner Champion Forum, where Owners share their tips and recommendations. Once on the Forum, you can search ‘Fiji’ in the search box on the top right to see what other Owners are saying, or post a new question. The Forum can be found here:
      Hope this helps, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you in Fiji very soon!
      Thank you, Ilona

  14. Lisa

    My husband & I have stayed here a number of times before and are looking forward to booking a stay in 2014, any changes or alterations you do to this resort will be only to improve what is and was a great resort anyway – well done Wyndham Denarau. Can’t wait for 2014, looking at bring my sister and her husband this time too. Thank you.

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  16. Steve and Jenny

    My family of 4 will arrive on the 9th October for our first stay. If the new units come on line by or on that date, will we have the opportunity to upgrade to the new apartments. And if so will we be given advanced or preferential status.

  17. Amanda Conlan

    We have booked one of the new 3 bed deluxe apartments for next year, but have still not managed to find any photos of the apartment, would appreciate it if you could steer us in the right direction.

    • Erin

      Hi Amanda! The pictures I can steer you towards are the interior shots of our 2-Bedroom Deluxe units at the resort. I’ve put a few more on our Pinterest Board here:

      We haven’t had all rooms professionally shot yet, as we wanted to open these up for Owners as soon as possible, so I don’t have any 3-Bedroom Deluxe units specifically to show. The Resort team let me know that the furnishings and layout of the 2-Bedroom Deluxe and 3-Bedroom Deluxe units are very similar!

      I hope this helps – but please let me know if you were after anything more specific. We will keep sharing -photo’s as soon as they become available to us!

      Thanks, Erin

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