School holidays & working parents.

I’m a hypocrite.  I am constantly writing about how important it is to spend special, quality, holiday time with your family.  However it took an injury for me to slow down and spend even one day with my lovely family these school holidays!  Why?  Because I really enjoy my work and want to do well.  And I also want to do well so my family is financially secure.  This work-life balance is sometimes hard to get right!

I realised yesterday (as I was resting my knee and watching Hendrix sing and dance and talk with me about his friends – and girls he likes!) that in a few very short years he won’t even want to hang out with me anymore – the cat’s in the cradle!  This realisation was reinforced when Hendrix said that I didn’t have to go to the footy with him and Jamie on Sunday if I didn’t want – he would give my ticket to his friend.  OUCH!

This is not new information – I think anyone who is a parent knows that time with your kids is definitely fleeting.  Sometimes we simply need a spark, or a shock to remind us what’s really important – to help us balance that constantly see-sawing work life balance!  For me it was being uninvited from the footy (I’m going anyway).

Hendrix is by no means a neglected child – but Jamie and I could both do better.  And I think sometimes the only way to give that full, quality attention is to get away.  There’s just too many distractions at home.  Apart from our quick getaway to Coffs earlier this year – the last time we had a proper getaway was 4 years ago.  That’s right 4 Years!  Hendrix was into Spiderman back then.

Spiderman - Ramada Marcoola Beach, 2009.

Spiderman – Ramada Marcoola Beach, 2009.

These days, cartoon characters are for ‘babies’ and the only costumes relate to footy,  mummy can’t dress him – in fact he manages his own wardrobe just fine!

Grown up at Coffs Harbour, 2013.

Grown up at Coffs Harbour, 2013.

A lot of growing has happened in between.  And I’m kicking myself that I haven’t spent as much time watching (and shaping) him as I could have.  While I’m back at work today (Hendrix has a sleepover with his friend) I’m about to book some leave shortly!  In the meantime, I’m spending a little time going over some of my blogs from last year…reminding myself what’s important and how much fun can be had on holidays.  If you’re interested or looking for inspiration, here’s a rundown of a few.

Holiday Boredom Busters –  Fun things to do when you finally take that holiday, even an idea for rainy days!

Holiday Treasure Hunt – You can find Geocaches almost anywhere – a hit even with ‘grown up’ kids!

Kid’s Eye View of Holidays – This is the last time I got a not so gentle reminder from my son!

Hopefully if you’re a little off with your work-life balance like me, this has provided you with some inspiration to help get the balance right.  Happy Holidays!


Jacqi has become part of the furniture at WorldMark South Pacific Club over the last nearly 10 years.  She has worked in various teams, including Customer Service, Systems and Owner Marketing & Solutions.  “Being involved with WorldMark has inspired me to take regular family holidays, and I look forward to sharing these experiences with you, including some of the tips I’ve learned along the way”

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