7 Majestic Images of Tasmania

What awaits you on the Apple Isle?

Seeing as yesterday saw the launch of the  2,000* Credits off + $100* spending money promotion for your resort in Seven Mile Beach, Hobart, I thought I’d share some my favourite images of Tasmania. I may have been to only some of these locations, but ALL are on my must-visit list!

They do say a picture speaks a thousand words, so I’m hoping you’ll forgive the length of this post 🙂

Tip:  You can use the $100* spending money to book  scenic tours of the region! Just enquire at the Resort.

Have you visited any of these locations before? Have added any to your must-see list? I would love to compare notes, so leave me a comment below!

* Remember, terms & conditions do apply. Please visit the offer page for full details.

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Ilona compiles that treasury of Owner tips and memories known as the MyStory blog. She’s discovered so much to do at our WorldMark South Pacific destinations from you all, that her ‘must-do’ list has grown at an alarming rate. In returning the favour, she will be sharing some of her travel tips, secrets and curiosities here every fortnight…

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