101 Things to Do in Coffs Harbour – Part 2!

Feeling curious as to what you can get up to on a holiday to Coffs Harbour?

Last time we spoke, I was heading off on a road trip adventure to Coffs Harbour, NSW. I had a few activities in mind – 101, in fact – for my first-time visit, although nothing set in stone, as I’ve always maintained that well-researched spontaneity was the key to a fun holiday 🙂

Here’s what I got up to in two and a half days at Coffs Harbour:

Pet Porpoise Pool

Otherwise known as Dolphin Marine Magic (which just isn’t as much fun to say!), this is ‘the little marine park that could’. Much smaller than SeaWorld, nevertheless this is the park where you can pat and play catch with dolphins, feed seals, pat seals, receive seal and dolphin smooches, feed fish and little blue penguins – all included in the entry price! Definitely the highlight of my trip.

Tip: Pet Porpoise Pool is open all day, but I’d recommend arriving at either 9am or 12pm, so as not to miss out on the twice daily activities.

Seal kisses at Pet Porpoise Pool

Sealed with a kiss! Never can resist a pun…

‘Big’ Things

No matter how well you get on with your fellow passengers, sometimes a road trip can get a little tedious – “oh, look, another horse”. Australians know this, and have strategically built larger-than-life attractions along the Pacific Highway to keep everyone in high spirits.

On this trip, I’ve posed next to the Big Knight at Macadamia Castle, the Big Prawn in Ballina and the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour.

The Big Banana is just across the highway from Wyndham Coffs Harbour. A visit to the Big Banana can include ice-skating, a kids’ water park (largest inflatable water slide in the world I’ve been told), and a banana plantation tour. We chose tobogganing for nostalgia-tinted fun, and tried one of my new favourite deserts: chocolate and nut coated bananas. Yum.

On the other end of the scale, we stopped by the Little Italy driver’s rest-stop somewhere along the way home, featuring an Italian pavilion, recreations of famous Italian artworks, and a museum. Strange but true!

The jetty & marina

The longest timber jetty in NSW, it is gorgeous, picturesque and a great spot for jumping into the ocean! We wandered around the relaxed Sunday markets nearby, then made our way past the boats marina to climb Muttonbird Island. Bit like an island you’d see in Britain, this one was akin to a steep mountain climb – worth it to say we did it, but my legs felt a quite wobbly after…

The resort

Wyndham Coffs Harbour – Treetops was lovely. I was pleasantly surprised with how many things there were to do on the resort grounds alone: learn to trapeze with the Zip Circus, three swimming pools, a beach, spa, day spa, tennis court, Segway tours, inflatable kids’ adventure park, golf, walking tracks, DVD and board game hire.

So that’s that. My trip to Coffs Harbour is over. Can I have another holiday now??

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Ilona compiles that treasury of Owner tips and memories known as the MyStory blog. She’s discovered so much to do at our WorldMark South Pacific destinations from you all, that her ‘must-do’ list has grown at an alarming rate. In returning the favour, she will be sharing some of her travel tips, secrets and curiosities here every fortnight…

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  5. Janet

    We go to Coffs Harbour to relax – don’t really want to go too far and there is enough “at home” to keep us satisfied.
    Don’t forget the aquarium on site at Wyndham Coffs Harbour. It is so informative.
    Buy an Advantage Plus card before you go and then use it for lunch or dinner at the on-site restaurant (once you buy the card, you receive two for one meals). We work our way through the menu on our holidays.
    Walk in either direction from the resort to Korora Bay or the other way to Anuka Beach. (You can go further and walk to Coffs but don’t believe anyone who tells you it will only take half an hour each way.)
    One lovely place to visit is Boambee Bay – south of Coffs. There is a small charge to take your car down to the picnic area, but this money is used to manage the area. It is money very well spent. The little cafe makes great milkshakes. This is a great spot for a family pic-nic.

    • Ilona Charykova

      Thanks so much for reading and adding your tips, Janet! I’m sure Owners will find this helpful when researching their next Coffs Harbour getaways 🙂 Ilona

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