“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day”.

Here in Australia, it’s been a pretty intense month.  It started with Fires & ended with Tornadoes and Flooding.  We were not too badly affected here on the Gold Coast, certainly not in comparison to others around the country.  I know lots of us plan to spend the weekend cleaning up, or joining ‘mud armies’ further North – doing what we can to carry on.  

I think we could all use a little bit of spiritual inspiration as well.  So here are some inspirational images on this beautiful Friday morning.  Hope something here gives you a pick up!

I know there is a scientific explanation for them….but a rainbow is still a little bit magical!

Aotearoa – Simply stunning.

What’s more inspirational than your loved ones!

Hope all our readers are safe and well, and that you’ve found a little ‘sunshine on a cloudy day’.  Please tell us, what makes you inspired?

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