3 Benefits of being Organised – The Holiday Edition

I recently turned 38.  That’s nearly 40!  That’s pretty much a grown up!!  With each birthday comes the inevitable self reflection.  This year’s navel gazing for me was around organisation.  I think that this was brought on by the realisation that since I am almost a grown up, I should be more organised – and spending too much time on Pinterest pinning all these amazing organisation ideas.  So today I’ll apply my new found organisation obsession to holidays, and hopefully there might be some inspiration in there for you.

1. Organisation = Money Saved.  Goodness gracious me, there’s money to be saved if you’re organised.  I liken it a little to coupon clipping.  I recommend becoming a fan of  the Tourism and business Facebook pages relating to the holiday destinations you plan to visit.  These pages tend to post lots of great Tourist information, as well as some great offers.  For instance did you know that there was a Butterfly House in Coffs Harbour, and the Tourism Coffs Coast page recently posted a special offer for entry?  Don’t forget to become a fan of your WorldMarkSP Fan page if you haven’t already – we’ll be posting as many offers, and as much holiday inspiration as we can.

2. Organisation = More Spontaneity.  That’s right, MORE spontaneity.  One of my friends is an organisation guru.  She has 3 or 4 different plastic boxes in her garage.  One is labelled ‘Picnics’, another is labelled ‘Beach’, and yet another is ‘Hiking’.  She even keeps spare togs, changes of clothes and sunscreen in each of their cars.  So, while I’m scrambling around, finding the plastic cups, Hendrix’s togs and the sunscreen that fell behind the back seat, she’s already at the beach and serenely laying the table for the picnic.  I love the idea of being able to decide on a whim to just drive to Byron for the day without spending half of that day getting ready!

No stress picnic!

No stress picnic!

3. Organisation = Getting what you want.  And we all love that!  I’m talking about getting that booking at Wyndham Kirra Beach during school holidays – and getting your annual leave approved to take it!  What about getting all your friends and family together to take a week (or even a weekend) away together?  Or getting a great deal on your flights because you booked them at the right time?  Or coming home from holiday to a sparkling, organised home (my own personal nirvana!).  Whatever you really want for your holidays this year, I’m certain that organisation is really going to help you get there.

Organisation Nirvana!

Organisation Nirvana!

I’m sure we have some organisation gurus out there.  As a mere novice in this field I’d love to hear your tips.  If you’re looking for some organisation inspiration, try Pinterest.  There are literally thousands of tips being pinned out there – try following this board, or this one to start with.  You can also follow WorldMarkSP on Pinterest for all your holiday inspiration needs.

Happy Organising!


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