Making negatives positive

My partner’s a chef. Yep, I know – lucky. To make matters better – he loves to cook.

I must admit though, the  age old adage of “a cobbler’s children go without shoes” can also be extended to “a chef’s wife eats weet-bix for dinner”!






As with every occupation there’s positives and negatives – hospitality is not for everyone and the partner of a hospitality worker has to get use to eating alone. That being said – we have got very good at making negatives positives.

Negative – a chef works most, if not all, traditional ‘family holiday’s’. Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, Easter plus any local events

… turned to a positive – traditional ‘family holiday’s’ are when everyone else holidays – we can take the option to holiday when it’s less crazy and more cruisey.


Negative – a chef gets weird day’s off; weekends off are a rarity and week days much more a reality

… turned to a positive – it’s funny, but when something is ‘normal’ we can take it for granted, for example weekends off together all the time can be a little ho-hum, but when they come around once in a blue moon you maximise them! We have a list of things we want to do, that we individually add to when we’re inspired (mine added recently include climb Mt Warning, visit the Tweed River Art Gallery and see ‘Life of Pi’) and when we get a Saturday or Sunday together something gets ticked off and a note (for posterity’s sake) added to the calendar!

Negative – a chef cooks. A lot. Some may say its what they do for a living

… turned to a positive – given the chance we sample the wares of another chef! This is something my partner takes very seriously. A lot of research must be done prior to a holiday or break to a new location – where is good to eat? What is the local specialty? What are the reviewers saying? We’ll take our own breakfast and snacks, or buy some when we get to our destination – so we can really enjoy what the local cuisine as to offer of an evening.

It’s true, this blog is all about inspiring you for holidays and travel, and I seem to find that, if I keep enjoying the small things, keep a questioning mind and an adventurous spirit in my day to day, in my ‘normal’ – I am more inspired, more prepared and more captured by my holidays.

Keep enjoying and exploring!

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