New Year’s Resolutions – 4 Tips to stick with them

I’ve been reflecting on 2012 and thinking about what I’m going to change (and what will stay the same) in 2013.  I’ve had some successes with making changes in the past, and I thought today I’d share with you a couple of tips that have helped me.

1.  Just start.  Unless you’re really lucky, there will probably never be the optimal time to start making changes.  Don’t let the rain, the sun, the lack of proper exercise clothes stop you from starting.  We humans have an amazing ability to find ways to wiggle out of things.  Then when we do, we feel bad.  It’s so much simpler to just do it, and it feels great too!
Just start!

2. Form Habits.  Even if you’re trying to break habits.  Replace that bad habit with a good habit.  It’s been said that it takes 30 days to form a habit.  I would qualify that by saying it takes 30 days to form a good habit and about 2 minutes to form a bad one!  So when I first started exercising I just told myself that I would do it for 30 days.  And true enough, after 30 days it had become a habit and I wanted to do it!

Seek Help3.  Seek Help.  If it’s a big one, like quitting smoking there is lots of support out there. Check out the Quit Now website.  You can also talk to a health care professional – I have a Naturopath I’ve been seeing since I was a teenager and she’s helped me with diet and lifestyles changes in the past.

4. Be Subtle.  Be careful about who you share your resolutions with.  I don’t recommend announcing them on Facebook for instance!  The times I’ve been most successful are the times where I’ve kept things quiet.  You’ve got enough pressure with making this resolution happen, you don’t need the extra pressure of all your family, friends and acquaintances asking how you’re going – however well intentioned those enquiries are.

Good Luck!This year, one of my resolutions is around taking more breaks with my boys.  I have to ‘just do it’ – and I need to not let money be an obstacle to that.  I love the idea that one of our Owners shared on our Facebook page before christmas.  Quite simply, every year they have a money box which they fill up for their holiday fund.  It’s such a simple way to save that money!  I have made Hendrix the ‘boss’ of that to help us avoid digging into it for those inevitable unexpected bills.  I think this idea works particularly well for WorldMarkSP Owners, as Vacation Credits already take care of their accommodation!

What are the tips that have helped you change your life in the past?

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