3 Christmas Gifts to Cherish.

Like the vast majority of my fellow human beings, I was stunned & saddened by recent events in the US.  Coupled with the cyclones in the Pacific, and the ongoing wars, famines and general mayhem in the world it could be easy to feel overwhelmed by it all.  But for me, what I keep thinking to myself is ‘cherish what you’ve got’.  And I guess that’s the one positive I can take out of all that sadness – the timely reminder to appreciate how lucky I am, and especially my family and friends.  Christmas is almost upon us, and I’ve been putting some thoughts into the gifts I’ll give that will let my loved ones know how much I cherish them.  I thought I’d share with you some of my ideas.

Board Games – A bit of a no brainer right?  Not if they come with a commitment to play them regularly with the receiver.  If you’re buying for a kid, you can help yourself stick to that commitment by choosing a game everyone will like.  Hendrix is interested in Monopoly this year, which I can live with – and apparently it comes with an electronic bank these days, so Jamie will go for that!  And the extra benefit (apart from spending that precious time together) is the lessons in sportsmanship, being gracious in victory as well as loss, and maths!

Photos – For the last 10 years, we’ve been giving photos of our beautiful nieces to my sisters for Christmas.  Candid shots from the year, put together in a frame.  I didn’t realise how much they cherished these until last year, when I let being ‘too busy’ get the better of me.  And when I say ‘too busy’ I mean I hadn’t spent enough time with them during the year to have enough shots!  What a terrible feeling.

My family photos

My family photos 2

As I write, I realise that cherishing what you’ve got comes down to your time and how you share that time around.  And it’s something that I’ve been spending pretty unwisely over the last few years I think.  But the reality is it’s hard to switch off after work, and requires strict self control to chuck a ball with your kid when the clothes need washing and the dishes need doing.  You probably know already what my last suggestion is …

Holidays – I’ve been talking about the benefits of holidays all year, but I’m yet to take one.  I work for a holiday company for goodness sake!  It’s the only way I know to truly switch off from all the other stuff that dominates your time and energy.   And the first step is to book the holiday!  So on that note I’ll leave you – I’m off to book that road trip for the boys and I I’ve been talking about.  Great way to knock over a Christmas present, and I don’t have to brave the shopping centres to do it.

Merry Christmas everyone –  Hope you find time to cherish your loved ones this season!

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