What’s on the menu this Christmas?

So much emphasis and focus is put on the one main meal of Christmas Day! This one day carries so much significance and tradition where families and friends get together and over indulge on a wide variety of epicurean delicacies!

I have personally been brought up on the traditions of home style cooking for my family Christmas lunch. This habit got passed down by my Nanna who was a staunch Irish Catholic and couldn’t go past a hot roast dinner to celebrate the family gathering.

My fond memories of Christmas Day are that of my tenacious Nanna sitting at the dining table in the kitchen, peeling what seemed like a mountain of potatoes before we had even opened all the Christmas presents and thrown away all the excess wrapping paper!


We were always rewarded by her determination when she served up the most scrumptious feast consisting of roast turkey, stuffing and gravy accompanied with the crispiest roasted potatoes, pumpkin, and carrot, the obligatory portion of Christmas ham followed by a delicious helping of steaming sago plum pudding and brandy cream!

Serving up the traditional hot turkey for Christmas lunch!

Serving up the traditional hot turkey for Christmas lunch!

Now I reminisce about those loving memories and my mouth waters, just at the thought of those comforting and appetizing smells wafting through the house on Christmas morning!

This year I have decided to embrace tradition and follow in the footsteps of my Nanna so, I will be preparing a hot Christmas lunch! I only hope mine turns out half as good as hers was!

My attempt at serving up the traditional hot Christmas lunch!

My attempt at serving up the traditional hot Christmas lunch!

For those of you who prefer not to worry about the cooking and don’t mind a combination of traditional and modern cuisine on Christmas Day be sure to contact the onsite restaurant at your WorldMark South Pacific Club Resort as they may be offering a Christmas menu package.

I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy whatever is on the menu at your place this Christmas!!

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