Walk with me – The Great Ocean Road

“So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Mark Twain

Exploring, discovering, learning and adventuring – all words that ring like music in my ears!

A driving holiday isn’t for everyone – but for me and my partner letting the road guide us as it wanders over the hills, stopping when the light looks ‘just right’ to capture the moment in a photograph, seeing a sign off the side of the main road and following – all ring ‘exploration’ & ‘discovery’ and we don’t look back

We are currently in the middle of a most amazing driving holiday (of its entirety I will blog another day!), driving from Ballarat, where we discovered our inner children running riot in the long halls of historic WorldMark Resort Ballarat, to beautiful seaside Torquay. Yesterday we drove down from Ballarat through Scarsdale, Lismore and Camperdown – joining the Great Ocean Road at Point Campbell… share in these photo’s, captured on our journey yesterday, and be inspired to explore, dream and discover!

Great Ocean Road Sign

Point Campbell

Point Campbell

Great Ocean Road - Gibsons Steps & Mutton Island

Great Ocean Road – Gibsons Steps & Mutton Island

Cape Otway LightstationLorne

Split Point Lighthouse

Split Point Lighthouse

Bells Beach

Bells Beach

Torquay (from Latitude 38 @ Wyndham Torquay)

Torquay (from Latitude 38 @ Wyndham Torquay)



    • Hi Great Ocean Road,

      No I didn’t try the app – but that’s probably just because I wasn’t aware of it! It looks like a great resource, thanks for sharing,


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