A smorgasbord of chocolate factories: Pannys, Phillip Island

Excited about indulging your inner foodie this Summer? With holiday season practically at our doorsteps, the moment is ‘ripe’ for preparing feasts and tantalising those tastebuds. Pardon the pun.

Regardless, make plans to step out of the kitchen once in a while, and experience the local produce at its finest.

If you live near Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia, take a trip to the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. If you don’t live nearby, book a holiday anyway. Any excuse to eat chocolate, right?

As the Factory’s slogan advises, ‘A little too much chocolate is just about right.’

Here’s what the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory offers:chocolate treats

  1. Chocolate. Belgian handmade chocolate, to be exact. Lots of it.
  2. Free sample of above on entry. Yum. .
  3. A chocolate café featuring delectable fondue, pastries, truffles and more.
  4. The same café featuring satays and curries (for something a little bit different).
  5. A chocolate shop; of course.
  6. Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate.

Items one through to five on the list are free entry, but Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate is where the fun really gets started.

For a complete tour of the exhibition, you will need to:

  • Explore the history of chocolate and how it’s made.
  • Drool (behind glass) over the chocolate being crafted in the factory.
  • Snap a photo in front of giant chocolate imaginings.
  • Produce your own chocolate, complete with ‘wacky’ tastes, and eat it right there and then (as well as take some for the road). Bread-flavoured chocolate, anyone? No?
  • Ogle a gallery full of art masterpieces recreated in loving, chocolate, style – statues, pictures, Dame Edna, it’s all there ….

So why is Pannys choc so yummy? All fillings are made at the factory (not supplied), and each individual chocolate is lovingly created by hand – not to mention the tempering, filling and wrapping. And for those out there watching their figures, Pannys chocolate contains no palm oil and is gluten free. Mmmm. I think I’ll help myself to another…

Plus, like all good chocolateers, Panny has a secret recipe.

So if you’re stuck for school holiday ideas, or can’t wait to indulge that inner chocolate connoisseur – pop by the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory this Summer.

Bonus Tip: For a cost-efficient way to visit Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate, purchase a Phillip Island Experience (PIE) Pass, which gives you a choice of six attractions, plus discounts for one low price.

More: Appetite for choc factories not satisfied yet? Want more chocolate experiences around Australia and New Zealand? Discover the other posts in this series – Cadbury World, Dunedin NZ, and the Margaret River Chocolate Co, WA.

Have you been to Phillip Island yet? Or have a favourite chocolate factory I should cover in my next post? Leave me a comment below!


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