A brief history of The WorldMark By Wyndham Clubs!

One of the common questions that I get at my education sessions is “When did The WorldMark Clubs start”? and “How many resorts are in the Club”? So I thought I might share my answers with all my readers.

There are two WorldMark By Wyndham Clubs.

The first Club is known as WorldMark, the Club and the second one that most of my readers would be familiar with is – WorldMark South Pacific Club!

A little bit of history…

WorldMark, the Club was founded in 1989, in North America and pioneered the concept of credit-based timeshare, offering the benefits of owning a timeshare with the flexibility of travelling when and where Owners wanted. 22 years on and it currently has more than 270,000 WorldMark Owners with more than 70 drive-to resort properties in Canada, the West Coast of the United States, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico and Fiji!!

The WorldMark South Pacific Club was established in March 2000, here in Australia and was initially created with an 80 year life span. Like its sister club WorldMark South Pacific Club offers its Owners the innovative credits-based timeshare!

WorldMark Owners can use their credits at any of the resorts in the WorldMark resort system, when they want, for whatever size unit they want, and for whatever duration they want—limited only by the number of vacation credits they have available.

The Resort Apartments are owned by the Club, free and clear of any mortgages or charges.

The WorldMark South Pacific Club FIJI resort

The first WorldMark South Pacific Club property available to Owners in 2000 was in Fiji, at the same resort featuring in the WorldMark North American Club.  Half of the rooms were bought by Worldmark, the Club and the other half were bought by WorldMark South Pacific Club! Positioned on a tropical Island, Fiji has easily become a favourite amongst all Owners and is the flagship property for the Club!

In the same year the second property was added to the Club’s portfolio and was in the lush & tropical location of Cairns.  Approximately 30 apartments dispersed throughout a privately owned complex were added into the Club over a 2 year period.

The beautiful Golden Beach Resort

The third property and my personal favourite is The Golden Beach Resort on the Sunshine Coast. Situated overlooking the Pumice Stone Passage the WorldMark South Pacific Club bought 60 apartments and over a 2 year period added them into the Club and then took over management rights in 2002.

Kirra Beach – first purpose built resort

By 2002 Worldmark South Pacific Club was also ready to introduce its first purpose built resort in Australia! Built only a stone’s throw from one of the world’s famous surfing breaks, Kirra Beach was proudly added to WorldMark South Pacific Club’s acquisitions! Offering over 90 different sized apartments featuring stunning views of the hinterland or of the magnificent Gold Coast coastline, Kirra Beach has quickly become one of the most popular beach destinations!

Now in 2012 there are 23 WorldMark South Pacific Club resort locations all around Australia, New Zealand and Fiji! It is really exciting to see what the next 12 years will bring!

Happy holidays!!


  1. Good afternoon the post by Jackie was interesting and I’d semi-forgotten the part about the 80 year life of the time-share

    can someone pls remind me what happens after 80 years – not that I expect to be around then, but my credits are willed to our children – what happens for them?

    thanks &


    * Jules*

    Jules Baumann **

    • Hi Jules,

      Thanks for reading my blog!

      This is an answer from my colleague Jacqi who recently posted the below response on our forum:

      1 of 2 things could happen:

      1. The Club continues or
      2. The Club is wound up.

      The reason the Club was initially created with an 80 year life, is that Australian law only allows a managed investment scheme to be set up for that length of time. If the Club is wound up, your kids will receive a portion of the monies realised from the sale of the Club property (after all expenses etc), based on the amount of credits owned. This is referred to as a ‘beneficial interest’. We can’t be 100% sure what will happen then (I doubt I’ll be around then either) however your kids will receive something, one way or another 🙂

      I would recommend that you log into the forum, as you will find lots of information about the Club.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.


    • kamani

      My understanding is, if it is to ‘wind-up’, owners will receive whatever is left over after ‘all expenses’. If it is to happen, we will be at the bottom of the list eventhough, we are the backbone of this business.

      • Jacqi Holloway

        Hi Kamani – The Club is for the benefit of Owners, and it seems reasonable that expense/liabilities incurred by the Club would need to be settled. Please also bear in mind, as Apivut mentioned on the Forum, there are 2 options available – 1. The Club is wound up or 2. The Club continues for another term. We hope you and yours will enjoy many holidays until then 🙂

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