Creating a life of memories

“Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love.”

Author Unknown

My grandparents are a constant source of inspiration. Approaching 90 now, they have led a full and happening life – and nothing’s stopping them now!

My Papa (my grandfather) was a country vet in Northern NSW – in my younger years I used to love visiting the various farms, meeting the locals and feeding the calves’ corn cobs dipped in molasses. With my younger brother in tow we had a bundle of adventures. A country vet was a hard job, I don’t doubt, but my memories of time with him are all about fun, and mud, and laughter.

My darling Nan-anne (grandmother) is a shining light and a bundle of energy! Up at 5 every morning without fail, Nan-anne is always baking a meal for someone ill or making Anzac biscuits for the family up the street or picking flowers to deliver, from her much loved garden. Sitting on the kitchen bench, given the privilege of licking the spoon… as a child there was simply nothing better!

Looking back I find these memories so, so precious. Time with my grandparents was truly special – they had so much patience, an abundance of hugs and a never ending supply of love.
This month my grandparents decided to fly to New Zealand to celebrate the birthday of a family member. Juggling internet bookings for flights, hire cars and train travel was a bit intimidating for them both – but they embraced the challenge and, with the help of the family, organized their trip. Whist maybe not as nimble on their feet as they once were, maybe not as eagle-eyed or flexible – they still seize the day to explore, discover and to be with the people they love as often as they can.

My grandparents continue to inspire me to never stop exploring, never stop giving out love, and always make time to create memories – because those are the things I’ve found that truly last.

What are your best memories with your grandparents?


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