Road Trip!

Do you love road trips?  I do!  I’ve always loved being in the car with the family – packed full of luggage and food, listening to music and dad’s silly jokes, playing eye-spy.  I always feel free and I love the opportunity to have some quality family time.  For our next holiday the boys and I have decided that will take a road trip incorporating lots of things that we love – and I’m so excited by the idea that I wanted to share it with you!

We try to be democratic in our family, and that means Hendrix gets a say as well.  The boys have a lot of things they love doing, so we just started by listing the things each of us want to include in our road trip holiday (I’m dubbing it our ‘PG Surfing Safari).  Mine are easy – 1. Road trip (tick) and 2. I want to check out a couple of the WorldMarkSP resorts I’ve not visited.  Jamie wants to be able to 1. Kitesurf and 2. Stand up paddleboard.  Hendrix wants 1. Skate parks.  2. Stand up paddleboarding. 3. Geocaching (actually, we all want to geocache!).

With those needs in mind, we settled on driving South from the Gold Coast.  We plan to take a few days mid week and hope to get some last minute availability at the Coffs Harbour and Flynns Beach resorts.

All our wants are going to be easily met.  There are literally hundreds of skate parks between the Gold Coast and Port Macquarie.  With a little research we’ll plan our journey around the best ones.  We plan to leave very early in the morning, and get a few skate parks in before lunchtime.  The idea is to get to the park, jump out, have a quick skate, jump back in and go to the next one.  Hendrix wants to test out a few so he knows which ones are the best for him.

Depending on the weather, we’ll stop somewhere between Ballina and Coffs for a quick swim, kite or stand up paddleboard.  Again, the idea is to just test the waters, so we can find the places we really like.  I’ll have a nice esky full of healthy, non-junk food so there’ll be no need to waste time stopping to eat!

The second day will be much the same, perhaps with a little geocaching thrown in while we travel to Port Macquarie.  It’s supposed to be perfect for kiting, so we’ll spend a couple of nights there if we can.  There’s a reason for all of this rushing around – on the way home the boys will pick their favourite spot and we’ll plan our journey home around those.  This journey  will be a little more leisurely (and I have a feeling we’ll need it to be).  We’re really looking forward to it – stay tuned for photos!

‘Life is a journey, not a destination.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

How do you feel about road trips?  Please share your tips below.

The boys in training for the Road Trip!


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