Holiday Lessons (they don’t know they’re learning!)

It was while we were on holiday at WorldMark Golden Beach that Hendrix first swam freestyle, unassisted.  Likewise, it was on holiday with my family when I was a kid, that I learned how to row a boat, bait a hook & play euchre.  They don’t know it, but you’re providing your kids with valuable life lessons on holidays!

As parents (& grandparents) we have much more time and energy to devote to nurturing our kids when we’re on holidays.  And it’s very rarely that we consciously set out to ‘teach’ a lesson – it’s just a natural result of spending family time in that relaxed state.  Here’s a few lessons kids learn on holiday:

How to make friends – This is a big one.  Kids can gain a lot of confidence (not to mention those oh so important social skills) by making a new friend.  Some kids are naturally outgoing, and make friends easily.  Others, like Hendrix might need a little extra encouragement.  As a wee bit of an overprotective mum, it’s nice to be able to watch over him from a distance while he interacts with other kids. (I’ve often thought it might be nice to have cameras in the playground for this purpose, however I think this is the closest I’ll get!).

Survival Skills – Yes, this sounds a little extreme (I’m an overprotective mum remember!) – but what I’m talking about are all those things we parents learned as a kids.  If  Hendrix is stuck in the middle of the ocean one day with only a rowboat, a fishing rod & some insane euchre enthusiasts – then I want him to know what to do!  It doesn’t really matter what those skills are, holidays are a great time to teach your kids all those special things that you know!  The beauty of holidays is that kids start asking questions, and you have the time to answer them thoroughly.  These conversations spark more ideas and memories that you can continue to share with them.

Budgeting – This is of course something that can be ongoing.  Hendrix is not quite ready for pocket money, however on holiday he has a little budget which he can choose to spend on whatever he wants.  Most times we might as well just call it a junk food budget.  The lesson here is that he will generally blow it all at once and then we can get the junk food nightmare out of the way and enjoy our holiday.  The beauty is that it makes him responsible for what he does with it.  I’m pleased to say that last time he bought a ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid‘ book instead – I’m more than happy to throw a little more into his budget if he chooses, of his own accord to buy a book!!!  (If, like me, you want to avoid junk food on holidays, click here for my top tips on how to!).

The more I think about it, the more I realise it’s time for another holiday.  There’s so much for Hendrix to learn!  What did you learn on your childhood holidays?   Do you share this with your kids?

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