Jackie’s Travel Diary: BBQ’s & Sausage Sizzles

I like getting away for short little breaks, and I like being able to unwind, relax and recharge. However I know that taking regular holidays can be expensive, so I would like to offer some cost saving tips to help you get away and enjoy holidays as regularly as you deserve!


The great thing about majority of WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts is they feature BBQ areas. What better way to feed your family on a budget and still get away on regular short or long breaks to fabulous destinations around Australia, New Zealand and Fiji!

Benefits of BBQ’s:

Cooking a BBQ is easy! Anyone can cook a BBQ. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. BBQ’s force you to get outdoors. BBQ’s are fun! BBQ’s can be inexpensive! BBQ’s encourage all family members to get involved. BBQ’s are conducive to conversation. BBQ’s provide you with an opportunity to meet other WorldMark Owner families. And the best thing about BBQ’s is that you don’t need pots and pans to cook the food. You can serve everything on paper plates or serviettes and can throw it all away, no washing up for anyone!!

My top 5 WorldMark South Pacific Club BBQ’s –

  1. Golden Beach
  2. Seven Mile Beach
  3. Kirra Beach
  4. Surfers Paradise
  5. Fiji

Check out which other Worldmark South Pacific Club Resorts have BBQ facilities.

Which WorldMark South Pacific Resort do you think has the best BBQ facilities?

What's your opinion?

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