Family Food Fun: Surfers Paradise

Since becoming a parent, there are certain things I’ve had to “rethink” about myself.  Other parents may be able to relate.  For instance, prior to parenthood, I didn’t consider myself a person who wore runners.  Now I cherish them – for their amazing ability to help me keep up!  I also considered myself someone who ate at hip and funky restaurants.  That’s been on the backburner for a little while, however last year we discovered Black Coffee Lyrics – a hip and funky restaurant/cafe that is hip and funky enough to welcome (and maybe even impress) your little hipsters as well!

Ilona has already given it her seal of approval, but I thought I’d explain a little bit more about why it’s a win-win cafe for the whole family.  Firstly, if you’re holidaying at Wyndham Surfers Paradise, you’re just an easy 10 minute walk away!  Convenience is always a positive!

As I mentioned above, it’s a very hip and funky spot.  In a ‘shabby chic’ kind of way.  Old distressed doors have become tables.  Sketches and paintings all over the walls.  Old books and games scattered where they were last read or played.  The atmosphere and staff are both very warm and welcoming, and we always feel at home when we visit.  And the world doesn’t end if a milkshake gets spilled on the pristine white tablecloth – there isn’t any tablecloth!

There is so much to look at that the kids may be satisfied just to sit and stare.  For instance, having been there countless times before, we only recently discovered a row of army men dangling upside down from the ceiling.  Hendrix was very impressed by this.  (As were we, secretly).  There are also plenty of board games.  We’ve moved from chess (a relic from the 80’s, complete with a couple of army men to replace missing pieces) to high speed Connect Four.  My point is, it’s not a place where I ever recall seeing a child running around bored!  Another win for parents!

So what about the menu?  It changes all the time.  I’ve eaten delicious breakfasts (eggs, avo, salmon), amazing tapas and even $2 Tacos on Mexican Bingo night!  Reasonably priced ($10 – $20).  I confess that my favourite part of the menu is the cocktail menu.  I just have one.  After my meal.  Makes me feel sophisticated.  Hendrix has another (deliciously chocolately) milkshake, and Jamie enjoys another amazing barista made coffee.  Everyone wins!

I recommend a visit next time you come to the Gold Coast – We’d love to hear your feedback, and what your kids thought.  If you’re looking for other child friendly places to visit I recommend visiting the Eat Out With Kids website.


  1. Marcus

    Also went there recently while staying at Kirra – slightly longer trip to get there – but well worth the visit. It is slightly ‘tucked away’ in an older style set of shops – upstairs too!

    My kids had great fun with the Connect Four while sitting on the comfy chairs ‘outside’.

    Well worth the visit

    • Jacqi Holloway

      It’s like finding a secret spot tucked away in the middle of Surfers Marcus 🙂 Love the Connect Four too!

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