Top 3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Getaway

Do you spend hours creating the perfect trip? What about flicking through your photos months or years later?

You see, holidays stretch longer than just the time spent at your destination of choice.

[Read on for a sneak peak to a new tool the WorldMarkSP team has been working on…]

After the trip, you can relive the memories by scrutinising every detail of your pictures, or sharing funny, and often embarrassing, anecdotes with your friends.

But beforehand!

A holiday begins far earlier than the point of trying to squeeze your luggage into the boot of your car. There’s the thrill of the unknown; those moments you spend dreaming and organising the perfect trip…

Once I’ve decided on a spot, it’s all systems go. I research my little heart out: what should I see; how should I get there; are there any must-do’s unique to the region? Then I compile it all into a list, and eventually translate it into a spreadsheet – because, if anything, I take my holidaying quite seriously.

Which isn’t to say that I shun spontaneity. It’s just that all the ‘planning’ is really time absorbed in imagining that I’m already there…

getawaysp landing page

NEW! GetawaySP

Which is why I’m pleased to give you a sneak peak into a handy tool for WorldMark Owners that a team, including myself, have been busy working on.

I’d like to introduce you to Getaway to the South Pacific.

Here’s how it works:

  • If you know where you’re off to next – begin your planning/daydreaming and read through an absolute plethora of attractions and local dining hot spots. You can use this feature to get a general idea of what’s available at a region, and what you absolutely cannot, for any reason at all – come rain, hail or shine – miss.


getawaysp attractions


  • If you’re not too sure which region to visit – let us narrow it down for you. Simply select the type of holiday you’re curious about (e.g. personally, I’m fond of Beach, Heritage, City or Shopping experiences), and GetawaySP will give you a list of destinations that match you’re interests. Trust me, there will be some included that you hadn’t even thought of…


getawaysp holiday experiences


  • If you have already been to (or live in) one of the destinations – help a fellow traveller out! Recommend your favourite places of interest, restaurants and attractions, or even add your tips and opinions on items already listed. Do you have a revered dish at a certain restaurant in Sydney that you can’t go past?  Have you been on a spectacular day trip in Tasmania that you’ve been telling everyone about?


This way, my readers and keen travellers, the holiday never ends!

Keep an eye out for the launch announcement (right around the corner!), and, for now, let me know what you think of GetawaySP in the comments below. Which destination are you going to head to next? I’d love to hear all about it.

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