Jackie’s Travel Diary: Dining tips

The appeal of WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts is the variety of high quality self contained apartments that specialise in the” home away from home” feeling.

Many of the apartments feature spacious kitchen and dining areas so every time I travel on holidays I find the opportunity to showcase (practice) my culinary skills on family and friends too hard to resist!

I love relaxing on holiday browsing through magazines and getting recipe ideas. These scrumptious creations inspire me to want to cook like a master chef so I usually end up volunteering to cook everyone dinner at some point. Depending on the ingredients in your menu, cooking dinner can be a cost saving exercise for everyone to do throughout your holiday and it can be a lot of fun! However be aware there is a big downside to cooking dinner – let me explain.

When I am let loose in the kitchen, recipe in hand, ingredients thrown all over the counter, music blaring, glass of wine in the other hand, it doesn’t take me long to tear the kitchen apart!

When I am in my “cooking zone” I locate every bowl, saucepan, fry pan and cooking utensil and use them all in an effort to achieve my desired culinary masterpiece. The end result may be a wonderfully presented and hopefully delicious menu, but the kitchen looks like a tornado has whipped through.

Conclusion – cooking can be great fun but who wants to clean up a messy kitchen every night while on holiday?

Here are 6 WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts that feature top quality restaurants on site and each Restaurant offers great discounts for WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners. The best thing is you don’t have to wash up. Bon appetite!


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