The balancing act – Work vs Play

I, like lots of my fellow Australians it appears, may “forget” to take that annual leave every now and then and leave it to sit, untaken, forgotten like that last lonely apple in the fruit bowl, until it wrinkles up and is thrown out. But (and here I go defending myself!) there’s lots of reasons why taking a few weeks leave sometimes isn’t so achievable

→ Often my partner just can’t get the same block of leave as I can – and, although there’s a time and place for some good old ‘me’ time, holidays are better shared

→  Overflowing email inbox. Need I say more! Sometimes the thought of coming back to an inbox that’s overflowing and a stack of half-done projects is enough to make me shiver

→  Handing over tasks and responsibilities. With everyone else balancing their own tasks and work, it’s hard to pass on those ‘hard won’ projects I’ve been nursing along (and secretly feel a little proud of)!

Defeated before I start!

But, beyond ensuring my leave is kept at a HR friendly level, I know what taking a holiday does

It recharges me – it’s like vitamins are absorbed better on holidays or something, what with sleep ins, sunshine and reading books (I am a devourer of books – give me a good book and you won’t hear from me for hours) after a holiday I feel like I’m the energizer bunny again!

It inspires me – that spark of creativity, so necessary in any problem solving role (and let’s face it – no matter what life you’re living, there’s sure to be some problems to solve) only comes from experiencing new places, meeting new people and learning new things

and most of all…

It reminds me what’s important – spending true ‘quality time’ with my partner, not in front of the telly or over a rushed breakfast coffee – but that ‘my heart is in tune with your heart’ kind of time

So the four weeks dream holiday? It just doesn’t fit us – but we’re getting good at perfecting the three-day-stay.
Now, to do the three-day-stay well, you’ve got to be committed to it – we’ve made some rules and they are to be adhered to at all times.

  1. No email. No work phone. No internet
  2. The holiday starts on the journey. We don’t wait ‘til we get there – if we’re driving, we have a picnic on the way. If we’ve flying – we take the train to the airport and spend the ride up playing cards
  3. The weather does not define our plans or dictate our fun. Bring on wind, rain, sun and snow – we’re here to enjoy it

The other thing we’ve found is – we’re not confined by school holidays, requiring a kids club or needing 2 bedrooms  – we’re “holiday opportunists” – making the most of times when the majority of people can’t holiday. As well as being perfect for our lifestyle, it’s often more affordable and more likely that both my partner and I can get the same time off.

Having done a three-day-stay down the Northern NSW Coast, resting my head at Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Coffs Harbour – Treetops recently, I can attest to the benefits a short break has!

Hat Head National Park in Winter

Work vs Play – Northern NSW Winter 3-day-stay

So, if you’re anything like me and the 3 week holiday’s a dream, or are walking into the second half of 2012 yet to take a break – what about starting your own three-day-stay revolution?


About me
Let’s be honest – I love to work, I do. I take to most things, be it gardening, painting or putting together a party, with a mental ‘project plan’…


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