French women eat what they want!

Very few French women I know are likely to go on a diet, unless desperately in need of losing weight or possibly victim of obsessive body image. In France meals play a big part of your day. Firstly you need to be seated – no matter how much time you have, that time needs to be peaceful and dedicated to enjoying the food and all that goes with it = reading a good book (if you’re on your own), conversing with a work colleague or a friend, look around watching people walk by and go about their day. It is a way of life.

Not only do we take eating as a sacred experience but we also tend to eat what we want. This is personally something I could never change. Believe me when I say that eating a croissant or pain au chocolat, still warm from the bakery around the corner, we do not feel guilty, we smile! This special moment when all your senses come together is one to be celebrated.

Take the experiment: next time you go out dining, pick the best dessert on the menu, eat it slowly, enjoy every spoon and try and guess every ingredient that has been put into the recipe. Most importantly smile! Don’t even think about putting yourself on a guilt trip to the gym straight after to eliminate the extra calories. And don’t say ‘I’m naughty’ or ‘this is bad’. It’s not!

I have often been asked “how do you not put on weight with such rich delicious food in France – the bread, the pastries, the sauces, the butter – how?” Simple: we don’t over indulge and we don’t feel guilty about eating them. I’ve often heard people say that they put on weight when they go on holidays. This doesn’t have to be the case. On holidays you have time to really enjoy your dining experience. Next time you visit one our South Pacific properties, how about we put this into practice at one of our WorldMark restaurants around Australia and New Zealand?

Take the Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta at Rafter’s restaurant in Wanaka for example. This Smooth traditional Italian dessert, served with short bread and port wine marinated fruit will tantalise your palate like no other. You shouldn’t feel guilty afterwards; if you take a relaxing stroll down the Lake and enjoy the scenery (another of the simple joys of life) you’ll burn those calories anyway!

Not much of a sweet tooth yourself? Why not try the freshly shucked Tassie oysters plucked straight from the sea at Beaches restaurant at Wyndham Seven Mile Beach? Positioned just a stone’s throw from Barilla Bay, the oysters at Beaches could not be fresher. You may like to indulge in Tasmanian scallops, or locally farmed tender eye fillet. But whatever you do, save room for the deliciously good desserts! Take a stroll across the road on Seven Mile Beach. No matter how warm or cold the weather is, the beauty of the scenery and fresh air are sure to get your metabolism recover from indulging. You get the best of both worlds!

I could go on but rather I would want to hear it from you. What is your ultimate dining experience?

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  2. thelightinbetween

    I love this view of food. One big reason for over-indulging is that people don’t properly enjoy their food when they eat it, so they’re left craving more! All of the guilt and stuff is nonsense, as long as you don’t go crazy. 😉

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