Family Holidays: The ‘old-fashioned’ way.

I love technology, and my family is techno and gadget savvy.  So don’t get me wrong when I say that sometimes, I really just want us to ‘unplug’.  I especially want my son to understand what it’s like to sit at a cafe (or in fact, sit anywhere!) where the only Apple is the old fashioned eating kind!  Therefore, I’ve been doing a bit of research on destinations we can go where we can be a little ‘old-fashioned’ even just for a few hours.  Here are some ideas I’ve found.

Circus School – When I was growing up in the 1980’s, a trampoline was the ultimate in entertainment.  Hours of fun could be had.  Circus School is trampolining for the new millennium!  If you’re staying at Wyndham Coffs Harbour book the kids (and yourself) into the Zip Circus flying trapeze school.  Or if you’re staying at any of the Gold Coast Resorts book into a Trix Circus class.  Leave your gadgets at the door, and ‘connect’ on a flying trapeze instead!

Nature – Yes, good, old-fashioned nature.  Children are aware of environmental issues these days, and a walk in nature can be a good opportunity to discuss these issues.  If you walk far enough out there might not be enough signal to text – just be sure to take all the safety precautions! The resident Horticulturalist at Wyndham Seven Mile Beach, Derek Howe is passionate about the environment, and more than happy to spend time talking about the various environmental initiatives they undertake at the resort.

Board Games – I must thank technology for this idea.  My son downloaded a free battleship app on my phone and his ipod.  I wasn’t a fan of battleship as a kid, but I love it now.  It’s more fun played this way than the traditional board game.  However it got me thinking about my 2 favourite board games as a kid.  Monopoly and Scrabble.  These are much more fun the old fashioned way, and a great way to ‘connect’ as a family.  I particularly love scrabble as it helps with spelling (and if I’m honest, it’s one of the few games I can win in my family!).

I haven’t told the family about my idea for some gadget free holiday time yet.  I’m sure they’ll resist the idea, but I’ll persist and I know that once we’re doing these activities they’ll absolutely love it.  The gadgets will still be there when we get back, and we’ll be much more refreshed from our time without them!

Do you have any other ideas to share?  How do you ‘unplug’ from the world?


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  1. Jacqi Holloway

    Oh yes, I remember those things called ‘books’. Best thing to curl up with on a cold winter’s day 🙂

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