Ilona’s Suitcase: A ‘ghost tour’ of Australia

Are you feeling shivers down your spine yet?

Visiting haunted locations needn’t be scary – so called ‘Ghost Tours’ are actually a great source of local anecdotes, not to mention a fun, lighthearted way to learn more about the area you’re staying in.

Earlier, I sat down with Jackie, from WorldMark Owner Education and author of Jackie’s Travel Diary, to discuss her recent visit to Tasmania, Australia…

Ilona: Could you please tell MyClub blog readers about your ‘ghostly’ experience?

Jackie: I went on a ghost tour last year in Hobart, during my stay at Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Seven Mile Beach. We started out in Salamanca Bay and the guide walked us through the streets of Battery Point. It was during the month of November, and it was beautiful and warm weather!

Ilona: How would you describe the tour? You’ve mentioned before that they were great sources of local history.

Jackie: It was a really interesting and enjoyable experience, particularly because the guide is so knowledgeable and passionate about his storytelling. We stopped off at several infamous locations throughout our walk to recount the “ghost” stories connected with that building or area. There were a large group of us and the walk took about two hours.

Ilona: Was the tour ‘scary’?

Jackie: Walking the streets at night, prying into the ‘lives and secrets’ of the former residents who lived in these houses and buildings does create a creepy atmosphere, but not enough to scare you away. I highly recommend the tour!

Port Arthur

Port Arthur’s open air museum

Feeling brave? Want to embark on one of these unique tours? Take a look at the rumoured ‘haunted’ destinations below…

  • Tasmania’s Port Arthur is famous as an open air museum of a convict settlement. Visit in the day time for history and night-time for mystery; Port Arthur’s ghost tour is singular for providing intimate access to a World Heritage listed site. Stay at Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Seven Mile Beach.
  • Ballarat, in Victoria, is well known for its gold rush in the 1800’s (visit Sovereign Hill to immerse yourself in this era), so rest assured that there are plenty of uncanny tales to be told. I’m itching to try the ghost tour in which visitors travel around in a traditional lantern-lit carriage drawn by plumed horses. Stay at WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Ballarat.
  • Sydney has it all! Beaches, sailing, shopping and, apparently, ghosts. Traverse around The Rocks (I was walking through here earlier this year when it was pouring buckets,  and can only describe the experience as eerie – no ghosts needed) , visit Aboriginal sites, or even Victorian mansions. Try The Rocks Ghost Tour or the special family-friendly tour from Sydney Ghost Tours. Stay at Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Sydney.

For a trip with real character, you can’t go wrong with a ghost tour (plus, you get to brag about the trip to your friends later!).

Do you have any other ‘ghost tour’ suggestions? More fun ways to immerse yourself in local history? Share them by leaving a comment below!


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