Holidays: A Kid’s Eye View

We’re planning a holiday at the moment,  so I was chatting with our son about what he liked about our holidays.   I was a stunned by his answer – our conversation went a little like this.

Me:  What did you like most when we went to the Sunshine Coast?  Son: You and daddy were happy and not cranky. 

Ouch!  There’s nothing like a kid’s innocent and brutally honest perspective to wake you up and make you pull your socks up.

I like to think that we are ‘happy and not cranky’ the vast majority of the time, but clearly he’s noticed a shift in our behaviour when we’re on holidays.  If  I hadn’t already been planning a holiday – I definitely would be now!  If you’re a little like us, and sometimes let the ‘everyday grind’ prevent you from taking time out for holidays, here’s some tips to get you holidaying.

Just book it! – Pick a couple of dates that work for the whole family.  WorldMark Owners already have their accommodation covered so call Owner Services or jump online and book some accommodation.  It can be next week or next year, the point is as soon as you’ve got that booking you’ll have something to work toward and look forward to.  Your kids and pets will immediately notice an increase in happiness and a corresponding decrease in crankiness.

Don’t let money stop you.  Holidays don’t have to be expensive.  Driving 2 hours up the road to holiday can be as much fun as flying 20 hours around the globe.  Once you’ve got your booking start pooling all your spare change in a jar for special holiday treats when you’re there.  Keep your eye out for deals at your destination.  Check out the Play & Stay section of which showcases deals offered by participating resorts (more to come!).

Just book it! – Yes, I’ve said it twice.  When you’ve finish your holiday, start planning your next one.  This way you’ll always have something to look forward to and those cranky times will be fewer and further between!

Photos.  Holiday snaps are a great way to remind you of those happy times, and inspire you to create more.  I always print out a few of our best snaps and pin them on the corkboard and fridge.

Here are our current holiday inspirational snap taken at Ramada Marcoola Beach.  What do you do to stay ‘happy and not cranky’?

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