Ilona’s Suitcase: 5 Apps for Stress-Free Travel

Who said planning a getaway had to be stressful?

I’ve been busy organising a month-long trip (so much to do!), and have happily discovered some fantastic mobile apps along the way. There’s an app for every step of the holiday process – here are a few of my favourites:

1.       Where are you going?

Our WorldMark Resort Credit Calculator app gives you an instant quote (in Vacation Credits) on accommodation in our South Pacific resorts. Simply choose your resort and room type, then enter your dates for travel. Voila!

The all new WorldMark South Pacific Club App has just been released, featuring resort info and images, Club news, travel specials and more. It’s currently available for iPhone / iPod / iPad, so remember to keep an eye out for the app on Android – coming soon!

packing app

2.       What are you bringing?

Never forget the toothbrush again! An upcoming trip is always on the back of my mind, so it’s handy being able to add to my packing check list as I think of an item on the go.

These apps are a great little invention for creating packing lists. You can also re-use previous lists for new trips, estimate the weight of your luggage, and calculate the total worth of items you’re bringing with you.

Packing? Sorted – now all I need to do is cram everything into my suitcase!

Check out Packing for iPhones / iPods / iPads or Packing List for Android.

Around Me App

3.       Where is the nearest …?

You’re in a new city, fiddling with a cumbersome paper map, peering at street signs, trying to find the nearest bank… Take a deep breath, then look to your trusty smartphone.

A location app, funnily enough, takes note of your location, then directs you to the nearest bank, petrol station, hospital, supermarket, taxi, restaurant, etc. Like having a local in your pocket!

Download Around Me for iPhones / iPods / iPads or for Android.

Translator App

4.       How do you say…?

Dog-eared phrase books take up valuable space in your luggage, and it can be an annoyance leafing through one frantically whilst a bemused local looks on. Why not download a translator app instead?

Simply type in the phrase you wish to be translated – from, or into English. No need for an internet connection; the translated text appears instantly on your mobile screen and, for those scared of butchering the pronunciation, the phrase can be read aloud by the app.

Try the Lonely Planet Translator for iPhones / iPods / iPads or for Android.

The Foodies' Guide to Sydney

5.       What can you do here?

Ok I’m cheating slightly – this isn’t technically one app, but hear me out. If you’re visiting a famous landmark, search its name in the App Store or Google Play. You’ll be surprised as to what you discover…

  • Theme parks have park map apps featuring amenities and ride waiting times;
  • Museums have calendars of upcoming exhibitions, audio tours, and information on screen for key pieces (no more jostling around the one plaque!);
  • Most cities have public transport maps and timetables;
  • National rainforests have field guides and walking trails listed;
  • And many more!


With these apps by your side, the only thing left for you to do, is to enjoy the adventure.

What about you? Share those apps that you wouldn’t dream of travelling without into the ‘Leave a Reply’ box below – I’d definitely love some tips for my upcoming trip 🙂


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  1. Jules

    Great tips. I’ ve bought the pro version of (android) packing list several weeks ago & tips great. For the ‘ tooth brush’ concern, why not get duplicates of all your toiletries & leave them in your suitcase? Works well for my wife & I, & the cost is minimal

    • Ilona Charykova

      Thanks for your comment Jules.

      Duplicate toiletries are a great idea! I might have to do a packing tips post next. Let me know if you have any other tips to share 🙂

  2. Hunter

    These are some of the best app recommendations I have seen all day. I am getting into a new position at Dish which will require a lot of travel and I am looking for some helpful apps. So far the best I have found is the Dish Remote Access app. With it I can stream my live TV channels and recordings from my DVR at home. I know there will be a lot of waiting in airports for layovers, delays and cancelations. I take a little comfort knowing that I will at least have something to occupy me while I wait for my flight.

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