Holiday Treasure Hunt!

Over the last couple of days I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of our Owners in person.  It’s always so interesting to hear about Owners’ holiday experiences, and the exciting activities they enjoy!  One such activity was introduced to me by Heidi and Rodney, called Geocaching.  I’m sold!

Geocaching seems to be a perfect activity for families on holiday, as it’s essentially a Treasure Hunt! It brings together technology and the Great Outdoors – it’s like a real life computer game.  Geocachers use GPS to locate caches hidden by other Geocachers.  Once the cache is located, the log book is signed and the website updated.  Some caches are designed especially for kids and there will be treasures to swap should they choose to (more learning experiences for the kids!).

The first known placement of a cache was in Oregon, USA on May 3, 2000 – so this is a relatively young activity.  According to the Official Geocaching Website there are 1,731,615 active geocaches and over 5 million geocachers worldwide.  A very quick search reveals that there are a host of caches hidden near almost all of your WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts.  Best of all, the hunt for caches can take you to some beautiful parts of the area you’re staying in.

Geocaching is free! You just need to create a Geocaching account and there are a number of free iTunes or Android apps available for download.  Initially, you can choose to find beginner caches, and as you become more experienced you can search for more difficult caches which are hidden in harder to access terrain and disguised more cunningly!  Heidi and Rodney tell me they have been Geocachers for about a year, and have a whole kit of tools they and their 2 kids use when they’re hunting – including tweezers for locating tiny caches called ‘nanos’, and a supply of treasures their kids can swap should they choose to.   I’m pleased to report to that my family are as excited by this idea as I was, and we’re about to go hunting for our first cache now.

Do you think your family would enjoy this activity?  Do you have any special activities you’d like to share?


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