How to impress with simplicity…

Traditionally fed to the pigs in France, the potato- pomme de terre (literally “apple of the ground”) -was sneaked onto the French’s plate by a great man called Parmentier.

One particular dish I want to share with you is the gratin dauphinois.  I remember back in the days the smell from the street as I arrived from school. I knew mum had made a gratin. I didn’t need to look in the oven, I knew. What a great way to make such simple ingredients look and taste so good!!! 

If you’re anything like me, you get to a point  on holidays where you start to crave a home cooked meal – something simple and healthy.  This dish is perfect for those times, and would be especially nice snuggled up by the fire in a Grand or Presidential apartment at Wyndham Seven Mile Beach this winter!  If you’d like to give this a try, I invite you to keep reading!

Like many French recipes, you don’t always have to go by the book.  I recommend Julia Child’s recipe to get you started, but here are my recommendations:

– You can choose to use onions, garlic or both-as I do. Cook the onions first, then add amongst layers of potatoes. Use at least two onions.

– for the health conscious, simply use low fat cream, or half the cream with milk. It will still taste wonderful just with less fat content.

– I don’t use butter much. You don’t often need it. Instead my secret is to add some seeded mustard to the milk mix. Forget the salt. The mustard will do the trick.

– an essential element to any great dish is herbs. If you’re inspired by the idea of cooking this up at Seven Mile Beach why not check out the Salamanca Markets in the morning for your produce? For any gratin I do recommend tarragon, oregano and maybe a little thyme. Just like having Provence in a plate.

– You can also use left over veggies to make a gratin when on holidays to avoid waste! Same proceedings, but instead of milk I use tomato sauce. Great way to make the kids eat veggies without a tantrum!

Gratin is a great concept and I encourage you to come up with your own variation – you are likely to impress your guests.

Do you have any gratin variations to share?

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