Holiday Boredom Busters

Ideas to Beat Holiday Boredom on a Budget!

When you’re on holiday there are always lots of extra special treats to be had –  like eating out or going to theme parks.  It’s not always possible (or affordable) to be out doing things all the time, and while mum and dad might be in paradise just reading a book by the pool, the kids might think otherwise!  Here are some ideas for keeping everybody entertained.

Oh No It’s Raining! – Rain doesn’t mean you need to stay in your apartment.  Why not embrace the rain? If you’re staying near a beach (Kirra or Flynn’s Beach for example!) consider a water pistol fight.  Make sure everyone has their swimming goggles and sunscreen on, and stage a family battle at the beach.  You can decide the rules beforehand or make them up as you go.  Either way it’s great fun and healthy exercise for everyone.  COST: We recently had a water pistol battle and found water pistols at Big W for only 7.98 each!  I recommend that you don’t let the kids team up against the adults – they’ll win!

Family Sing-a-long – I know it’s corny, but it’s surprising how much fun this can be!  Some kids might take a little coaxing (especially teenagers) so you could make it more interesting for them by trying to sing their favourite song, or changing the words to an old classic.  You can challenge each other to a ‘sing off’ (maybe let one of the kids be the judge) and make it as serious or as simple as you like. You can relive the ‘highlights’ in the car on the way home if you’re driving. We did this when we were kids and dad would keep us laughing for hours with his silly versions of songs.  COST: Free + possibly your pride!  If you’re stuck for songs to sing, try this Top 40 Sing-a-long site, or this link to my favourite sing-a-long song from my childhood.

Kid’s Club – Many WorldMark South Pacific Club resorts host Kid’s Clubs during school holidays which don’t cost much at all.  Mum and dad can finish their book by the pool while the kids are entertained by our team.  COST: Low.  Currently Flynn’s Beach, Golden Beach, Ballarat, Kirra Beach & Denarau Island host Kid’s Clubs. For further details check with the resort.  Remember that other resorts that don’t have organised Kid’s Clubs may still offer activities.  For instance, Dunsborough runs free activities during school holidays, such as face painting and Easter egg hunts!

There is a plethora of information online with great ideas for keeping the whole family entertained.  Funology is just one website with loads of ideas to get you started.  Happy Holidays!

school hols

What was your favourite thing to do on holiday when you were a kid?  Do you have any Boredom Busters to share? – we’d love to hear them.


  1. Janet Ferdinands

    As a Queenslander managing resorts for the past eight years, I cannot stress enough the necessity of using sunscreen when on holidays. When our children were growing up we would get up early and head for the beach to be back inside the unit well before lunch time and would not go out again until after 2.00 p.m. Many holidays have been ruined by sunburn – no one told me you could get burnt in the surf has been a common complaint.

    Board games and card games are so much fun and are a favourite entertainment during the heat of the day.

    Our best money saving tip – on arrival we bought a small tub of ice cream for each child (everyone could choose their own flavour) and a box of ice cream cones. After lunch, after dinner, we would have an ice cream or two and everyone was happy. We still do this – when staying at Wyndham Coffs Harbour the two of us buy a container of the most expensive ice cream and cones and after our delicious dinner at the restaurant (make sure you buy an Accor Advantage Plus Card for this holiday) we go back to the unit for our dessert.


    • Jacqi Holloway

      Thanks Janet – I am with you on the sunscreen (and hats, and sunshirts!) and avoiding the sun on the hottest part of the day.
      That’s a brilliant idea with the ice cream – thanks very much for the tip – Happy Holidays!

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