Planning your next WorldMark holiday?

During my 4 years hosting Owner Education Workshops I have spoken with many Owners and learned lots from listening to their experiences of being an Owner. I would like to share with you tips and hints I gathered along the way about how to best utilise your ownership and help get you away enjoying amazing destinations with your family and friends!!

 Planning your next getaway is exciting! Before you begin your travels, having the right resources at your finger tips will help you and your family in the decision making process. So, consider these three items as part of your essential resources.

 1.       Worldmark South Pacific Club Resort Guide & Supplement 2012/2013

The great benefit of the Resort Guide & Supplement is that it is a handy booklet filled with resourceful resort information.  Keep it on your coffee table and pore over it with your family to get inspired.  Find out how many credits will be required depending on the time of the year you want to go. It’s a fabulous place to help you start building your holiday wish list!

2.       Website

The Worldmark South Pacific Club website is an ideal place to use as a base for all your account and Ownership needs. This dedicated website features all you need to know about your Ownership, travel packages & hot deals, and Holiday Planning Seminars times and dates. I think that the best thing about the website is that it allows you to login to the online booking system where you can see live availability and book a reservation!

Here is my hot tip this week – check this page regularly – it contains the latest deals for travel in the South Pacific or worldwide! No need to wait for the WorldMark NEWS emails, simply check the page every Monday to see the latest offers!

 3.       Owner Services Team 1300 850 160

The Owner Services Team is your support network. You can call them 7 days a week Monday – Friday 7.00am-8.30pm, Saturday 7.30am-5pm and Sunday 8.00am-4.00pm. They are based in QLD at our Head Office (so remember this when it comes to day light savings!). The Team are there to assist you with any general questions about your Ownership and of course to help you book your reservations!

 Are you using these resources now?  Do you find them useful?  Are there any other resources you would recommend?

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