Best Fit System

Speaking with owners at a workshop recently I explained the booking system and how it works. I thought I would share this with you so that you are all clear on the Best Fit System too.

All Worldmark South Pacific Club apartments are assigned by the Best Fit Computer System, which ranks rooms in order of preference, assigning the highest priority room to reservations made the furthest out. So this is another really good reason to book your holidays early.

You can make your reservations online 21 hours a day 7 days a week or you can call the Owner Services Team on 1300 850 160 7 days a week too!!


    • Hi Anton,

      You will actually find that some of the newer resorts have defined the room types according to view or location in the building eg. Surfers Paradise Resort has low floor apartments, ocean view or Sky suites. You can book these specific rooms online or over the phone. However, unless the room has been defined you cannot request a particular room whilst talking to a consultant this is simply because the computer must search using the Best Fit System.


  1. Karin Porter

    Hi, What I can’t understand if this is done under “best fit”, how come at Coffs Harbour Terraces resort, I can book a two roomed apartment, which consists of one bedroom plus a studio, but can’t book a one bedroomed apartment for the same time. This doesn’t sound right!

    • Hi Karen,

      With regards to the inventory in the Coffs Harbour Terraces, specifically the 2 bedroom apartments these units are lock-offs (interconnecting) that consist of a studio and 1 bedroom put together. They are configured specifically as a 2 bedroom and cannot be separated and sold separately. In fact, these studio rooms are configured and appointed differently to that of our normal studio’s which can be sold separately. In your example – the 2 bedroom must have been offered because all 1 bedrooms were fully booked.

      Please let me know if that makes sense.

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