Associate Resorts

At a recent workshop I had a few owners ask me about the difference between Worldmark South Pacific Club Resorts and Associate Resorts. I thought I would share this with you as well.

The Worldmark South Pacific Club rooms are owned by the Club and the Associate rooms are leased by the developer of the club, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific. The Associate rooms are rented apartments in existing resorts all around Australia and New Zealand, in highly popular holidaying destinations. The developer will generally sign a contract for a specific period and you will find that the standard and configuration will be slightly different to that of the Worldmark Club rooms. The great thing is that you can still use your credits to holiday at these Resorts and the majority of the Associate Resorts are available to all Worldmark South Pacific Club Owners. The bookings window for the Associate Resorts may varying depending on your Privileges tier.

The Associate program tends to change from time to time, depending on a number of factors including popularity of these Resorts, and Owner feedback. You can make reservations to stay at the Associate resorts by contacting the Owner Services department on 1300 850 160 or online at

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