My Experience at WVRAP Wanaka

I wanted to share with you some of my experiences of visiting WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts. You might be able to pick up some tips and inspiration for your next WorldMark Holiday.

This is my Experience at WVRAP Wanaka…..
It all started with a plane flight over to Christchurch airport where I disembarked and boarded a smaller plane to fly into Queenstown. This flight only took about one hour and the view out the window was the most spectacular view from a plane I have seen ever. We flew right over the Southern Alps, they stretched out for as far as I could see and were covered with snow. It was exactly like looking down at a movie set, (which makes sense because this is the area that they actually filmed the Lord of the Rings movies) so, because I was gawking out the window at this amazing scenery it didn’t seem like it was long before the plane started descending and we were already in Queenstown!
Oh my gosh, as I stepped out of the plane on to the tarmac I found myself looking at the most picturesque alpine setting , it reminded me a lot of Europe. I walked out of the airport to collect my hire car and I was off on my one hour drive to Wanaka.
Along the way I was once again amazed at the natural beauty of the scenery of New Zealand’s South Island. The road meanders parallel to the river which is teeming with translucent turquoise water. I couldn’t believe just how beautiful the colour of the river was. I had to pull-over at a rest stop to take photos!
Arriving at the Wanaka Resort I quickly checked into my beautiful 2 bedroom apartment that had a balcony overlooking the heated outdoor pool. The pool has a slippery dip too so no matter what time of year the kids can have fun swimming.
I couldn’t resist the urge to go for a walk down to the famous Lake Wanaka to check out more of the picture perfect wilderness. It only took about 10 minutes to reach the lake and I found a little path that was covered in burnt orange maple leaves that crunched with every footstep. The lake is surrounded by mountain ranges covered in snow and it looked like a mirror it was so still and reflective, just another marvellous feature of this gorgeous part of the world. I continued my walk into town for another 15 minutes and arrived at the first set of shops which just happened to have a local pub! so I sat down outside under the warmth of a outdoor heater and sipped my first refreshingly chilly pint of local Kiwi brew and continued to enjoy the glorious scenery surrounding me.
If you haven’t had the privilege of visiting Wanaka and the South Island of New Zealand yet, you are missing out on one of the most beautiful places you have access to through your club. The beauty of New Zealand is that you don’t even have to travel too far and suffer jetlag to experience the beauty of the wilderness and the amazing Alps! I hope you get to share the same experience I had at this amazing resort soon!


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