Booking for the Peak Seasons

When planning holidays in the Peak seasons at any Worldmark South Pacific Club resort it is recommended to book 13 months before the check–in date.

I would like to remind everyone that it is very close to the 13 month booking window for Xmas 2012!! Example: If you make a reservation on Tuesday 22nd November 2011 you can book for a check-in of Saturday 22nd December 2012!!

Please put a note in your diary this month to start booking your WMSPC holidays for a check-in mid Dec 2012!!

Don’t forget the recent changes to the RED season guideline, specifically RED 3-9 seasons – There is no longer a minimum stay requirement for any reservation booked during Red Season 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. This means that you can stay for less than 7 nights in the RED 3-9 seasons and book 13 months in advance.

So, now all you have to decide is, where are you going to holiday next!

Happy Holidays 

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