Credits V’s Cash

As a Worldmark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Owner there are two payment options available when making reservations.

You are able to make bookings using your Vacation Credits or the last minute cash options of Bonus Time or Fun Time.

Vacation Credits are a great way to secure holidays in advance or for those holidays that you want to book for specific dates eg. annual leave, birthdays and anniversaries. Bonus Time and Fun Time are last minute discounted cash options that do not required any credits. This is simply unused holiday time booked last minute and is available to all owners, and friends and family to use. Make the most of the off-peak seasons throughout the year and utilize Bonus Time and Fun Time for your spontaneous weekend breaks or mid-week holidays or even as an add-on at the end of a holiday using credits. Both of these options are calculated at different rates and have varying guidelines. So refer to your 2011/2012 resort guide on page 115, website or contact Owner Services for further information.

One comment

  1. Chris Hagstrom

    Can you combine credits and cash? For example, say a week was 10,000 credits – is it possible to use 7000 credits and then pay 3000 cash?

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